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Obama Horoscope

American President or American “Messiah”

Barack Obama is a charismatic leader and political phenomenon. He has risen from relative obscurity through election to the Illinois Senate in 1996 to the US Senate in 2004 and the American Presidency in 2008. His celebrity status derives from a man who has intellectual depth yet touches the common folk, who exudes confidence but lends an ear to all points of view.

While having biracial ancestry and multicultural experience, Obama also makes claims to the legacies of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy. He has big shoes to fill in times possibly as difficult as his predecessors. President Obama certainly has the drive and talents to meet many of the challenges of the present day. Time will tell if his personal power and the collective efforts of America and the West are adequate to the task at hand.

X - “It’s like the messiah has returned,” said a documentary videographer during Obama’s much-publicized trip to Africa in 2006. The idol worship that has surrounded him since then might make many wonder if “He is the One.”

Numerologically, Obama’s birth date distills to 8-4-8. (8 is the number of the Christ.) His Neptune in the 9th house is at 8 degrees. And, his angles all have 8 as part of their signatures. Add to this the fact that Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the USA and we recognize that our newest leader is clearly extraordinary. “Messianic?” is another question.

Barack means blessed in Arabic. So, it is not surprising that he appears to some as “the anointed one.”

X - The angles of his chart are the same as those of the USA chart, only rotated 90 degrees clockwise. This suggests kinship with the deepest aspirations and challenges of America and its people. Yet, redirected for a different time period.

X - The other major signature of his chart involves the abundance of planets and activity at his Descendant and in the 6th-7th houses. Here is his long and strong commitment to public service and community organization, to building bridges and extending the hand of cooperation. This busy 7th house also speaks to Obama’s overriding interest in social and economic justice.

His 7th is a true powerhouse as it contains Pluto and Mars in service-oriented Virgo along with his Uranus conjunct the North Node in regal and protective Leo.

X - At the same time, we find Obama’s Sun and Black Moon sandwiching his Leo Descendant. Here again, we can see the President’s call to deal with friend and foe alike. But, we might also wonder what kind of darkness shrouds his Descendant. Is it malevolent or just otherworldy? The Black Moon is clearly capable of separating his royal Sun from his destined and unique Uranian (Aquarian) message.

X - This Black Moon configuration is mimicked by Jupiter in Aquarius conjunct Saturn in Capricorn in his 12th house. In a similar way, his Mercury in Leo is opposed to Jupiter in Aquarius between the 6th and 12th houses. Obama must walk a careful or cared-for line to get his message across and his purposes demonstrated.

X - Refers to astrological signatures.

Reference: From Promise to Power, David Mendell

These are some of Barack Obama's most prominent signatures.
The reader may wish to spend time with his chart and search for others.
RM's book on PICTORIAL ASTROLOGY details more signatures
and references astrological connections
to Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy.

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