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This site is presented in the spirit of
royal astrologer of the late Middle Ages.

Regiomontanus Horoscope


Regiomontanus Horoscope
Read Pictorially

Before we begin to consider the chart of Regiomontanus,
we must take a moment to ponder his name.
Well really, his pseudonym.
Regio was born Johannes Muller von Konigsberg.

He had a plain name, but was born
and grew up under the Royal Mountain in Bavaria.
As he studied and traveled, he took on a Latinized name
- Regiomontanus, sometimes Regiomonte -
as scholars were wont to do in those times.
He identified with the mountain of his homeland,
took its name for his own and grew into it
as he reformed astronomy and secondarily astrology in the 15th century.

The author thinks he grew into it such that his assumed name
might be better translated as King of the Mountain
or Royal One of the Mountain.

X - Considering his chart even at a glance,
we can’t help but be drawn to his Midheaven
where Leo is stationed at 22 degrees. (22 is a master number.)
Leo, in itself, speaks of royalty.
Placed at the Midheaven, Leo the King is even more accentuated.
To have Neptune (Ruler of the Seas and Stars)
conjunct the Midheaven in Leo
makes Regio’s name the more pictorial and suggestive.
Truly, here was a King of Astrology.

You might say, “Neptune wasn’t officially discovered until 1846.”
Regio either had some inside information,
a grand intuition, or other higher inspiration.
He undoubtedly knew that his alias was a fit. You betcha!

Likewise, Uranus and Pluto weren’t discovered
until long after Regio’s death.
But, they have quite a bit to say about Regio, as well.

X - With his Sun in Gemini (Mercury near the cusp) in the 8th,
Regio’s ability to work with other worlds seems clear.
Especially since Pluto is placed on the 9th house cusp.
Having Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) at his Ascendant
makes the placement of Pluto even more important.
Pluto is God of the Underworld and Other Worlds.

Sun in Gemini suggests versatility
and the ability to communicate and think at many levels.
Regiomontanus worked and thought
in revolutionary ways regarding mathematics and astronomy/astrology.

X - Unusual powers of thought and mind were natural to him.
His South Node (glyph not shown)
is tightly conjunct Uranus in Taurus in the 7th.
These oppose the Dragon’s Head (Wisdom) and
Moon in Scorpio in Regio’s 1st.
Here again, we have suggestions as to Muller’s ability
to reflect (the Moon) Scorpionic-8th house energies.
It seems clear that Regiomontanus had advanced Plutonic powers.

X - His 11th house Jupiter added to his gifts
which he used to resurrect astronomy-astrology.
Jupiter is opposed to his Black Moon
which helped him shift into working with other worlds.

X - Neptune and Pluto are particularly important in Regio’s life
because they are focuses of his two T-Squares.
Further, Pluto (with Mars and Venus) lies at one angle of a Grand Trine.
Saturn and the Moon (North Node) make for the other angles
which are all in water (astral) signs.
The planets of the Trine are essentially pushed into houses 1-5-9,
giving a forceful, steamy sense to his work.

Regiomontanus was an innovative thinker, determined reformer,
and probing scientist who helped point the Middle Ages toward the light.

X - Denotes astrological signature.

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