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This site is presented in the spirit of
royal astrologer of the late Middle Ages.

Regiomontanus Horoscope


Basic Concepts of Pictorial Astrology

The idea behind Pictorial Astrology is simple.
So simple that it has been overlooked
or minimized for generations, maybe centuries.
It is all about pictures and visuals, images and impressions.

A natal horoscope is really a picture puzzle, a mandala,
 a grand multidimensional image
which defines a person and his/her life.
Every piece of a horoscope goes to make for a complete whole.

Typical horoscope readings gather valuable information,
but they often get lost in minutiae.
Each house, planet, angle and aspect is covered to the nth degree.

Pictorial Astrology intends to gather together the images of a chart
to produce an integrated portrait.

Looking at the larger picture - tuning in pictorically,
draws forth astrological signatures
(major signatures are keys for unlocking the essence of the horoscope)
which reinforce each other and
holistically spotlight the pathway of the native.

We can begin to understand this concept
by considering the chart of Regiomontanus.
(We will return to the President's chart shortly.)
We merely start at his Midheaven
and find Neptune placed there in Leo.
Here is a clear picture of a King.

Further consideration of Regiomontanus's chart reveals
the importance of Pluto (King of the Underworld),
a Grand Trine in Water signs and the Mastery of Regio.

Having major configurations “headlined” by Neptune in Leo at his MC
makes it clear that he fulfilled his calling to a large degree.
Regiomontanus, in a brief life of 40 years,
reformed and updated the essentials of ancient astronomy-astrology.

For commentary on Regiomontanus's chart
and specific insights of Pictorial Astrology,

go to Regiomontanus's Horoscope.

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