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Robert McNary, MD


This site is presented
in the spirit of
royal astrologer
of the late Middle Ages.

Saturn - Pluto

April 2020

Last time, we updated horoscopes for the USA and its President
with Mars, Pluto, and Neptune having great importance to this nation
 over the past few years. (See below.)

Now, we will look particularly at Pluto and Saturn
with their national and world effects.
That said, all the Planets and the whole Heavens create a Stellium
which does not determine but pictures
what is going on simultaneously on Planet Earth and its inhabitants.
A picture gives us glimpses, but not the whole story.
There are, believe it or not, invisible planets in our solar system
which influence and relate to life on Planet Earth.
The Life of the Earth itself has much to do
with what comes and goes upon its surface and within its kingdoms.

Read what Saturn & Pluto can tell about our Critical Times.

Mars Neptune Pluto

Presidential Planets

April 2017
Revisited March 2020

The Planets and Signs always have something

to say about lives and events.
In the case of the latest President,
there is a great deal that they can tell us.
Or maybe just remind us of what seems already quite obvious.

A halfway astute observer can gather much without horoscopes by
reading the news, sensing the moods of the populace,
or even putting a wet thumb to the wind.
We live in a time of Fake News becoming commonplace,
of the President speaking of “carnage” in his inaugural address,
of the “nuclear option” being used for only the second time
in United States Senate history.
These events are readily perceived in a horoscope drawn
for the Trump’s Inauguration and
another done as a chart comparing Trump with the natal horoscope.


– three of the heavy hitters in the planetary realms –
 deserve special consideration when looking
at what is passing in front of us already
and is sure to continue in the weeks and months ahead.

You don’t need to be an astrologer to “get” something out of
the pictures the planets share.

Click for a Review and Update of the Planets and the Presidency.



glyph for Lilith

Watch out for the Black Moon, Lilith

June 2016

Have you noticed that things
seem a little crazy in the USA these days?
The shootings of recent years
seem to have tailed off for the moment,
maybe because politics has gotten the spotlight.
And people can vent either through candidates or at them.

We have been seeing more than a bit of the unusual
in the interminable electioneering.

But, it is not just a billionaire TV man running for President,
nor a woman and a Jew running for the White House,
nor the Republican field once having ten candidates
debating in one forum.

The situation is more complicated than it might seem.
It usually is.

So, I have been paying attention to the horoscope of the USA
as the election years unfolds.
Considering the pictures which show up,
I can’t but think that we haven’t seen anything yet.

Because Lilith - Black Moon -
comes up prominently in USA charts in the passing times.
You say, “Never heard of the Black Moon.
Blue Moon, I suppose.
It turns Red sometimes. But, nay, Black Moon.”

Well, you are right as far as you go.
The Black Moon does not exist as a luminary in the sky.
It is a calculated point ...  “the empty focus ” of
the moon’s elliptical orbit around the Earth.
It thus relates to non-physical dimensions.

The Black Moon was named after Adam’s first wife Lilith. 
Yes, he had a wife before Eve, according to Hebraic tradition.
She apparently wasn't the domestic type
and left Adam to become the Queen of the Night.
Astrological Lilith - the Black Moon suggests
the night side, shadows, darkness,
things generally hidden from awareness.
The Black Moon describes
“the place of dreams, the garden of desires,
the impossible dream, the primal mate, the twin-soul,
the pot at the end of the rainbow …
 but this place is very dangerous …
it can devour you like a whirlpool!”

“It contains all the more instinctual energies
which manifest themselves in fairy tales
and in primitive lunar symbolism
[but are not consciously allowed
in our outer, modern, digital, techy times]:
the night, the mystery, the magic, the danger,
the secret, the fear, that which is forbidden...”

“The Black Moon belongs to the world
of the dark and the womb,
in both its terrible and
its more positive transformational magic aspects.”
 [Juan Antonio Revilla]
Now, most of us can relate to unusual things occurring
when the Full Moon passes by.
When the Black Moon has its days, watch out.

The Black Moon gives a symbolic sense of what things might be
leaking in from the other side - or another side - the dark side …
the astral and imaginative worlds.
When it hits its stride and is doing its thing,
we can expect otherworldly,
oddball, and mysterious sorts of activity
- not necessarily dangerous, but possibly so.

I liken the effects of that Black Moon to an adventure
in the Twilight Zone.
Interestingly, Rod Serling
(creator of the Twilight Zone for TV, way back when)
had the Black Moon alone in his First House.
[The First House alone can define a chart
especially when it is populated by only one luminary.]
Still, one figure does not make a chart.
It just gives hints, sometimes very strong ones.

Well, there are hints that the USA
is going to be dealing with the Black Moon and
quite possibly the Twilight Zone this year.
We have likely seen some previews already.
[The Black Moon was prominent in key charts
related to the 911 experience in the USA.]

Continue for charts and the rest of the story ...


Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep (RAM)

Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep
This RAM symbolizes one of the incarnations of Capricorn in our lives.
From Billy Goat and Sea Goat, we eventually rise to the mountain top
with the Big Horn Ram and the fabled Unicorn.

Rocky Mountain Astrologer

Welcome to my country: The Great Northern Paradise.

The author lives in rural Rocky Mountain America for many reasons:
fresh air, wide open spaces and scenic vistas and a slower pace,
hardy history, pioneering spirits and regular reminders that God is still creating.

Practical and Direct are common traits out here.
And, that’s the kind of work and information available in and through this site.

The basic premise here is simple:

Truths are waiting to be revealed all around and in us as well.
The horoscope is one of the most accessible ways to gather some of those truths.

The Rocky Mountain Astrologer wants to help you read between the lines,
open to deeper dimensions, and recognize pieces of the inner worlds.
And thus, live more consciously.

Pictorial Astrology, Medical Astrology, and Spiritual Diagnosis
will bring symbols alive for you.

Zodiac Menu Button

Click on the symbol above to begin an introduction to
Pictorial Astrology.

All visitors are welcome to send comments and questions,
suggestions for articles and their own writings
relevant to symbols and astrology.
We will do our best to find an appropriate spot for your interests and efforts.


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