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Astrology for These Critical Times

April 2020

Last time, we updated horoscopes for the USA and its President with Mars, Pluto, and Neptune having great importance to this nation over the past few years. (Read that post at Presidential Planets.)

Now, we will look particularly at Pluto and Saturn with their national and world effects. That said, all the Planets and the whole Heavens create a Stellium which does not determine but pictures what is going on simultaneously on Planet Earth and its inhabitants. A picture gives us glimpses, but not the whole story. There are, believe it or not, invisible planets in our solar system which influence and relate to life on Planet Earth. The Life of the Earth itself has much to do with what comes and goes upon its surface and within its kingdoms.

So, we will do the best we can with what we have and start from the point that has been made many times, “As America goes, so goes the World.” Considering horoscopes of the USA can help us imagine the broader picture. There is no way to produce a horoscope for Planet Earth, so we have to be creative.

USA Transit Winter 2020

So, we begin by noting a key configuration which occurred in the midst of the impeachment of Donald Trump. Saturn was transiting over natal Pluto. At the same time, Pluto has been returning to its own natal position – 1776 – in the American horoscope and life. So, the USA has been getting a double dose of astrological potencies represented by Saturn and Pluto.

McConnell - Reaper

Saturn has been acting as the Grim Reaper in the USA in the recent time with the impeachment leading up to more deadly problems. Interestingly, Mitch McConnell, the Majority Leader in the US Senate, decided almost two years ago that he should be considered the Grim Reaper. Struggles over Power – Pluto as well as general Trials and Testing – Saturn have exemplified his recent reign in the Senate. McConnell may think he is in charge, but is he really? We are all pawns to a greater or lesser degree in the grand dramas playing across the stage of Planet Earth continually.

In fact, the New Year represented by the Ingress Chart for 2020 shows Saturn and Pluto tightly conjunct in Capricorn not far from the Sun. Capricorn itself is ruled by Saturn and the two together make for powerful Teaching and keen Learning “opportunities.”

2020 Ingress

With the New Year represented by the Ingress Chart, everyone everywhere cannot but be affected deeply by Saturn and Pluto conjunct near the Sun at the very foundation – the bones – of the horoscope.

So, we have Teaching and Learning opportunities in the faces of Saturn and Pluto. But, we are now forced to turn our focus more and more to Pluto. We have considered Pluto previously in regard to Power and Money, but it is necessary to look at Pluto in respect to his mythological name of Hades.


Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld, and reigns over Life and Death. Pluto is the natural ruler in astrology of the 8th House which governs Death and Rebirth. With Pluto in the “ascendant” so to speak, Death, Destruction and Transformation are clearly upon us.

Pluto [even though the planet was undiscovered by humans in those times] can be found prominently in charts drawn for other eras when Disease and Death were magnified on the planet. Ingress charts for years, such as 1348 and the Black Death, 1665 and the London Plague, and 1918 and the Spanish Flu, show Pluto prominently placed.

Such placements signify the possibilities, not actual results. Horoscopes give suggestions of outer happenings, the embodied part of things. The Soul of Life and Nature are the real arbiters of outer events. So we only consider possibilities in astrology.

We can however add another layer to the picture, by considering the teaching of the Ageless Wisdom that the first quarter of each century channels the First Ray force which we call Power. Sadly for human eyes, that First Ray acts at times, as now, outwardly through its Destroyer aspect and brings what we know as Death.

100 years ago, the Ray of Power stirred vanquishing forces through the Great War and the Spanish Flu. It seems that the First Ray had magnified influence in the last century as the Great War turned into the even more terrible Second World War.

In our era, Wars have risen again but to no degree similar to the same period in the last century. That Destroying and Leveling Force seems to be doing its deeds now with the Coronavirus Pandemic at hand.

From another angle, politicians, potentates, and presidents characteristically channel the First Ray. The current President of the USA clearly has First Ray qualities, prominent among them is the Destroyer aspect of that Ray.

Many months ago, my neighbor made the observation that, “He is out to destroy the country.” To anyone who watches the news closely, it does seem clear that the POTUS has been set on tearing much of our government apart. The effects flow into the whole country and wider world. For good or ill, history will have to determine.

In a similar vein, it is interesting to note that the Republican strategist-writer Rick Wilson may have captured the essence of the Man in the White House and his time in the title of his recent book: Everything Trump Touches Dies.

Pluto, the Destroyer, is very active in the World and Underworld now. And, we can look for that situation to continue not just for months but for years to come as the USA passes through its Pluto Return which will occur in 2024. That will be the culmination but not the end of intimidating Plutonian effects.

More could be added, but enough for now. Hold on to your seats!

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