Costa Concordia Disaster

Friday 1-13-12

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Signs of the Times: Is 1-13-12 Similar To 9-11-01?

Every thing - including every event - is a symbol of some inner working or life energy coming to the surface. If we care to, we can see this FACT in our lives and bodies. Nothing happens by so-called accident. The same case fits for the outer, wider world.

“Every thing in this world has a hidden meaning.” Nikos Kazantsakis

The recent dramatic and tragic grounding of the cruiseliner, Costa Concordia, might well put many people to thinking, pondering, and cogitating not just on outer causes but also on inner workings coming to the surface: “What was that ALL about?”

Folks who might pay particular attention:
• The captain of the ship, who is now in very BIG TROUBLE.
• The Carnival Corporation, owner of the ship. Their profit line and safety record are clearly disturbed.
• Investors and Insurance companies may have to look again at involvement with big cruisers.
• Ship builders. The incident is sadly reminiscent of the Biggest and Best ship of its era - The Titanic. Too big to sink is a lot like too big to fail.
• The European Union and the Eurozone. See third paragraph below.
• Everyone interested in symbols and the world situation.

Let’s review some current information on the Costa Concordia and this disaster:
The Concordia was one of the very largest ships of its class built anywhere and specifically in an Italian shipyard. The Carnival Corporation paid $570 million USD for the cruiseliner which was registered in Italy and launched September 2005. On its maiden voyage in 2006, the Concordia weighed 114,500 gross tons, had 17 decks and was 300 yards long. The ship was intended to carry around 3700 passengers. It had one of the world’s largest exercise facility areas at sea. The ship also had four swimming pools, five onboard restaurants and thirteen bars. Entertainment options included a 3-level theatre, a casino, and a discotheque. Children weren’t forgotten as a Play Station World was provided for them.

The Costa Concordia ran aground off Giglio Island, Italy, with 4211 passengers on board on Friday, January 13, 2012. The wrecked cruiseliner “could turn out to be the biggest insured loss in maritime history,” analysts and industry experts said, “with some suggesting insurers and mutual societies could end up shouldering $1 billion in losses.” It has been noted that due to the extensive damages, the ship may well be considered a total loss. The media has reported that 17 people died in the accident and 15 are still missing many days after the event.

Of keen interest to symbolists, the Concordia was so named to express a wish for “continuing harmony, unity and peace between European nations.”

Of further interest may be a youtube video of the christening of the Costa Concordia in July 2005. The bottle didn’t break. A BAD omen, they say. Go to

What do you think? The writer takes his own symbolic messages from the event. Maybe you have your own. I invite you to share them to pass on to other readers.

Astrology of the Disaster

I have the habit of going to my Astrograph program to set up a horoscope whenever a major event occurs. Signs fitting the moment are often immediately apparent. They may not have predicted the happening, but do put the moment in larger perspective once it has occurred. That was no more the case than in the Costa Concordia Disaster.

A number of hints are spread around the Costa Concordia event chart, but Mars and the Moon exactly on the Ascendant really do Tell the Tale. These three epitomize the moment and the chart. They make for an amazing Signature for the recent disaster.

Costa Concordia Disaster

• Do you see it? The Moon is the boat, the Costa Concordia, riding above - but barely - the water surface (here it is the Horizon of the Horoscope - the horizontal line across the chart). The Moon generally represents the body or physical vehicle, in this case that of the cruiseliner.

• Just below the water’s surface sits Mars - potent aggressive energy - which at the exact moment of the incident coincides with the Ascendant (Rising Sign). Astrologically, Mars got too close to the Moon. They collided - Mars penetrated the Moon to initiate the event. The conjunction of Mars-Moon created a string of new events in the lives of many individuals and organizations.

Mars going at the Moon

• The disaster occurred at 20-22 degrees of Virgo. Appropriately so because Virgo is an Earth sign.
• Earth is important here. Virgo, the Earth Mother, via Moon, Mars, and Ascendant effectively ruled the moment.
• There is also a great predominance of planets in Earth signs (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn) in this chart, adding to the tipsy out-of-balance event. Too much Earth, not enough Water.

A couple of other related parts of the chart:
• The Nadir or base of the chart shows the North Node of Moon at 13 degrees of Sagittarius. The Sagittarian spear speaks of the foundational nature of the chart.
• Nearby in 4th house of Home, Pluto and Mercury are conjunct. The two put together suggest to me Unconscious Travel which might well fit the boat, the time, the people and the cruise.
• The 6th house (naturally ruled by Virgo) has two planets - Neptune and Venus - at the 29th (final) degree of Aquarius (look like waves to me, although an air sign) . Conjunct is Chiron - the healer and and wounder at 2 degrees of Pisces (a water sign).
• Jupiter and the Black Moon are conjunct in Taurus (Earth sign) in the 8th house of death, change, transformation.

Other Signs of the Times.

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