Three Kings Bearing Gifts

December 2022

3 Kings

In this Christmas season, all sorts of things come to mind. Stories and sentiments, memories and meaning, faces and feelings. Not to mention gifts given and received.

If we ponder the original Christmas story and its prominent figures, the Wise Men bearing gifts from afar are likely to pass before the inner eye. It seems clear that those Sages were not mere travelers and eventual followers. But, they were Magi as well as Stargazers – Astrologers. They recognized the Star of Bethlehem – or its configuration in the heavens –which they interpreted to signify the avatar for the Piscean Age. What exactly they perceived in the sky is debated two millennia hence. That is so since neither the exact date nor month nor year of the Messiah’s birth are definitely known.

Still, we can say with confidence that Wonders of the Heavens led the Magi to Bethlehem to do honor and share their material gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. 

Putting aside some of the historical wonderments, we can consider other perspectives of the Three Great Kings Bearing Their Gifts. In so doing, we may gain a sense of the Bigger Picture – Past, Present and Future.

To our view, the Magi are really timeless figures who symbolize the relationship of the Divine to Humanity, the Heavens to the Earth, and the Great Luminaries of the solar system to our small planet. The Magi can point modern stargazers toward a vast picture and help to bring the awesome Nature of the Heavens into Earthly view.

The same Luminaries which guided the Magi to Palestine millennia ago are still alive, expressive, and influencing the existence of us Earthlings. Those Luminaries which populate the Night and Day Sky are far more than whirling orbs of fire and dust. What we see by naked eye or telescope are in fact the bodies of Great Beings. They live and move in states of consciousness as far beyond human ones as ours are beyond the cells in our own bodies.

Just as Planet Earth is a Spirit Being, in constant motion, and consciously active in several dimensions, so are all parts of our Solar system like the greater ones beyond it. The Mages and Sages of old knew intuitively if not experimentally the effects of the Beings which inhabit planetary bodies as well as the starry constellations.

We only have hints of what the ancient Magi specifically understood in their stargazing works. But, the ability of the Babylonian Magi to follow the Star of Bethlehem indicate that they had sensibilities beyond general understanding.

It is well accepted that the ancients pondered the lighted planets closest to the circle of the Sun: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. With Earth as the astrologers’ focal point, they especially included the Sun and Moon in their astrological deliberations. The talents of the Magi, which impelled them to Follow the Star, surely made them aware of the outer planets – those planets only modernly re-discovered with telescopes in the last 250 years:

• Uranus in 1781         • Neptune in 1846            • Pluto in 1930

The names of those planets and their dates of discovery give clues to their astrological meaning as well as hints as to their import in our own times.

• Uranus appeared in the midst of the 18th-century Enlightenment. Named for the God of the Sky and Heavens, Uranus represents for us the Collective Mind – potentially the Higher Mind.

• Neptune was brought into the 19th-century consciousness during the time when Spiritualism was coming into fashion. Neptune is the God of the Sea (Great Water) and represents spirit immanent in human experience. As the higher octave of Venus, Neptune gives to humans the potential to enter into the heart of Divinity – or to become lost in the vast ocean of astral spirits which surround us.

• Pluto appeared in the last century as the Atomic Age was dawning. Pluto is the mythological God of the Underworld. Sometimes called Hades, Pluto is the higher reflection of Mars and represents vast power – as in atomic energy – which can be wielded by the collective for good or for ill. Interestingly, Pluto has come to symbolize both powerful wealth as well as the unconscious mind.

We might consider Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto as Solar Kings. They appear to have special place in the scheme of Earth evolution in general and in this time period in particular.

These Three Kings, like the Inner Planets, are Spirits before the Throne, Powers and Principalities – as the Magi knew them – in our Solar System. They emanate and signify exalted states of Higher Consciousness. We do not wish to take away from the Inner Planets and their Planetary Spirits which enliven, sustain, and advance all lives within the System. But, the Outer Planets have unique contributions to make toward collective human unfoldment.

For centuries, popular astrologers like astronomers did not recognize these Three Kings. Now, they have appeared on the scene, so to speak, with the rise of society and the sciences. But, they really have come to our awareness as these planets impel and energize the advancement of civilization. Today, they are especially worthy of our attention – bearing their Gifts – for the following reasons:

• Pluto can be seen active on planet Earth in many ways. Power and money have never been more visibly important and influential. Power struggles are rampant all over the globe in this time – as noted in our last essay:
see All sorts of groups, classes, and nations are battling for recognition of their rights and needs. Beyond these, we can consider Pluto being involved in the waves of litigation, violence, and even massacres – especially in the USA. 

We need look no further than the recent president of the United States whose life has revolved almost solely around power and money as a means to it. His appearance on the American stage fit perfectly with America’s Pluto Return. After 248 years, Pluto is returning to its position in the republic’s natal horoscope.

Pluto passing then and now through Capricorn also suggests the role of the Grim Reaper on the national scene. [We might note Senator Mitch McConnell recently being dubbed The Grim Reaper.] What kind of long-term effects will Pluto’s Return stimulate in the country? And since, as America goes – so goes the world, what will the wider fallout be as Pluto continues its passage through Capricorn?

Pluto equates with Power.

• Neptune naturally Rules the sign of Pisces. And since Neptune is now passing through its natural home, the King of Neptune has especial influence upon Earthlings. That passage which runs from @ 2014 until 2028 has the potential to stimulate goodness as well as harms upon the planet. Sadly, we are seeing more of the latter than the former.

Neptune naturally magnifies the world of glamor and deception [Neptune rules Hollywood and the movies], fake news and frauds, scams and trumperies which we experience regularly. On the other hand, Neptune can stir our higher faculties into gear. But, all too often as in this time, humans are largely focused upon the outer worlds and governed by related astral jungles of alternative facts, awareness, and experiences. As a result, many of us become even more distracted from our truer, deeper, eternal Neptunian natures.

We have been living in a Twilight Zone for several years. That while Neptune in Pisces can stir human hearts positively as the Piscean Age slowly passes out of manifestation. Some of the beneficial effects of Neptune’s passage include kindness and devotion, love and compassion, simple goodness and care for the life in and around us. Loving One Another will be the eventual result when we become less ego-centric and more oriented to the Divine source of all.

Neptune equates with Love.

• Uranus rules Aquarius, thus also the New Age into which we are entering. The King of Aquarius will eventually direct us into that era of wider, deeper consciousness. Groups will hold sway as individuals and independence have done so in the past many centuries. The future can be a time when dreams are dreamt and manifested for the benefit of all.

Working as groups, humans will share the road relatively equally as they rise in awareness and ability to serve the greater good. People will realize the parts they have to play and naturally turn to their ordained tasks.

We can see glimmers of Aquarian consciousness peeking through in the present day, even as we recognize Plutonian power struggles and Neptunian deceptions common in this time. When Aquarian Uranus takes charge, power will cede way to cooperation. That will usher in a major advancement for humanity and the whole of Planet Earth.

Uranus equates with Unity.

Three Kings are Still Bearing Gifts from Afar 2000 years on. May we rise to the occasion to freely pass on those gifts to:

• Empower others.

• Share Love & Compassion.

• Grow into United Consciousness.

One day then, we may assume the Power to Love in One World under God.

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