Thomas Ediston

Deliberate Thoughts

posted October 2010

Ginger (Peace) Arnold sent me the following excerpt from an Abraham-Hicks tape.
It gave me pause to “think,” especially the last line.

“[Astrology] is a sort of structure.
“In other words. If you could come forth into these physical bodies and never offer another intention.
Or if the contrast of this time space reality, never produced another desire within you.
“Then the astrological projection into which you would be born would be accurate.
“In other words from the non-physical perspective you held intentions which did control,
the timing of your birth, the placement of your birth, all aspects of your birth.
But it is a pattern that is miniscule in comparison with your ability to offer thought deliberately.”

I agree and disagree. (It is certainly more than “a sort of structure.”)

I agree because I generally believe we have lots more talents and potentials than we ever tap.
What we express is what seems quite miniscule.

I disagree from the angle that we generally don’t THINK deliberately
and therefore live out the impressions which are engraved on us at birth.

How often are we really thinking - or re-thinking -
the thoughts that are bumping around in space -
generated by who knows whom?
Maybe Bill O’Reilly or the next door neighbor or a mother-in-law
or a high school teacher or a parent from decades ago.

Here is a quote from a wonderful little book by Dion Fortune called The Secrets of Dr.Taverner:
“All thoughts are not generated with the mind that thinks,” said Dr. Taverner.
“We are constantly giving each other unconscious suggestions,
and influencing minds without knowing it [unconscious telepathy],
and if a man who understands the power of thought deliberately trains his mind in its use,
there are few things he cannot do.”

Real THINKING goes beyond Fortune’s hint above.
It is something that human beings are only beginning to do.
Most people live largely through their feelings and are Atlantean in consciousness.
Even if they are computer programmers or writers or politicians. They are not ruled by thought.

Even those who do THINK from time to time,
still are controlled by the unconscious during most of their comings and goings.

From the medical angle, ill health in the world is largely due non-thinking.
You may be able to think yourself well if you can recognize that you didn’t think yourself ill in the first place.
But rather, you felt your way into it. Through frustration, jealousy, self-pity, irritation, fear, etc.

If we all THOUGHT DELIBERATELY, we would not need horoscopes, psychologists or physicians.
We would be tapped into Higher Mind like few of our race have.

“Ideas come from space.” Thomas Edison (Sun, Mercury, Neptune in Aquarius)

The great inventors, sages, and teachers knew how to think and they thus thought things into being.
 Some day, we will be like them. But, it may take eons. It has taken eons to get us this far.

In the meantime, “thinking” and pondering on our horoscopes may help us begin to understand how we
and our family and neighbors express in our often less than deliberate ways.

Here is another attempt at thinking: When we really have arrived, THINKING won’t require DELIBERATION.
It will be like instinct and emotion are to us now - automatic.
Thinking will simply become a tool of conscious, soulful living.

By the way, I have yet to study any horoscope that didn’t suit - to my way of thinking - that native perfectly.
I look forward to the day when I meet a fully conscious human being who has surpassed his/her horoscope.

Comments are welcome. Deliberate, conscious thoughts not required.

Comments from Meryl Ann Butler:

Love the quote!

Edgar Cayce indicated that the horoscope at birth was the picture of what has gone before, that the natal chart was our beginning point in this earthly experience, but based on and created from the sum total of previous experiences.

So, using the Abraham-Hicks perspective, someone who lives their life in "default" mode, would naturally follow the patterns suggested in their natal chart, because they would be the paths of least resistance

However,  the more deliberate we become in our thinking (and deliberate thinking is useful since it is designed to create emotions that go in the direction we want to go), the more we can strike out a new path, as desired, rather than simply follow the natal chart, if that isn't taking us to the place where we want to end up.

And i totallly agree with you that humans are only just beginning to think deliberately, which explains why most people are exactly where their natal chart puts them!

;-) Meryl Ann


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