United Seal
posted June 2010

What Took So Long?

I thought you might like to see a recent photo taken of the front of my house.
Most of you being far away don't have the opportunity to cruise the best street in this town
and gaze at the “patriotic” display at 22 Avenue A Northwest.

I decided to dust off a couple favored symbols and make them visible to passersby. 
Memorial Day just past and Independence Day coming, it seemed a good idea.

I carried the flag on my walk across the country in 2002.
She is affectionately known as Fannie the Flag.

The mural is the United Seal of America which was posted on the front of
the Rocky Mountain Garage in Lavina, MT, for several years until my move in 2005.

The United Seal of America is the brainchild of my friend, John MacArthur.
John lives in Bend, OR, is longtime student of Americana
and an expert on the Great Seal of the United States of America.
He commissioned digital artist Doris Rowe to create the original rendering
to put both sides of the Great Seal in one image.
I persuaded my friend Rose Wise
to reproduce the United Seal for outdoor display in 2001 - with John's permission.

I highly recommend you make a visit to MacArthur's website http://GreatSeal.com
and learn more about the symbols, stories, and people which stand behind our Great Seal.



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