Proof That God Exists

There have been many attempts over the ages to “prove” that God exists. As well as many suggestions that “God is dead” or never existed at all and that life just happened because of The Big Bang.

The writer believes that there is one very simple deductive proposition that indeed “proves God does exist.” With the proviso that PROOF is founded on evidence and that some people ignore evidence, let us proceed.

“If it is a Miracle, any sort of evidence will answer, but if it is a Fact, proof is necessary.”
Mark Twain

This “proof” arises by simply reversing the ancient Hermetic axiom AS ABOVE, SO BELOW and then considering the implications. One does not necessarily have  to believe in the original axiom to find value in considering its reverse.

Rene Descartes announced centuries ago, “I think, therefore I am,” putting humans in an apparently special category of our own. Yet as human beings populate and cogitate - or endeavor to - on planet Earth, we might wonder about the planet itself.

The ancients including Saint Paul (quoting the Greek poet, Aratus) pronounced that “In God, we live and move and have our being.” This proposition is supported by ample modern evidence that planet Earth - Terra, Gaia - is a living, breathing, functioning being. (James Lovelock, Gaia Hypothesis) Not just the Third Rock from the Sun.

It simply and naturally follows by analogy - AS BELOW, SO ABOVE - that as Earth humans also think and feel and express qualities of Soul, so too the planetary Being must also think and feel and be Soulful.

How else can we possibly carry the qualities we do unless our Parent Being has the same and greater ones?

This line of reasoning is akin to a consideration of the relationship of a dog and its master. A domesticated animal appears to express a portion of the same sentiment and mannerisms of the master. Not more, for certain. At the same time while a dog looks up to its Master, it seems clear that the dog has limited awareness of its Master’s greater capacities and talents. We act in the same regard to Beings above and beyond ourselves.

To bring the analogy even closer to home, let’s consider the very cells in our bodies. We are led to understand that even the tiniest cells of our bodies have some kind of awareness, consciousness - if you will, which causes them to bond together, effect communication, provide for bodily defense, and to form an integrated organism. The lesser upbuilds the greater. Yet, we give little credit to our servant cells and tissues which make our daily existence possible.

Generally, human beings pay small heed to any but our own kind. We are not only nationalistic but also clearly anthropocentric and geocentric. We act as if this planet circles about humankind and the universe revolves around the Earth and the Sun.

It has long been disproven that the Earth is the center of the Solar System and that the Sun is the Center of the Universe. Yet, we continue to think and act as if they are, centuries later.

Humanity is just one of the kingdoms of the natural world. And, not the greatest by any means. Beyond us lie planetary gods (Earth being an "imperfect" one) and stellar ones (like the Sun). In between us and them, there undoubtedly exist other “forms” which have energetic but no tangible physical substance.

Evidence of ghosts, spirits, and phantasms has existed for ages and continues to come before the public. Unfortunately, common acceptance of such “phenomena” is taking much longer than that of radio waves, xrays, and other radiations which science has managed to readily manipulate if not fully understand.

The problem is that we do not yet have "the eyes to see, the ears to hear," and the minds to perceive. We are like children who do not believe in the calculus because they barely know arithmetic. “Calculus? What’s that?”

Some day in the not-to-distant future, humans will grow into minds and hearts and faculties (evolution of the human race advances) sufficient to sense the greater Intelligences among us. The kingdom of heaven which has been everpresent will eventually appear in our very midst. And, we will recognize that God does indeed exist, inhabit the stars and this planet, and make the worlds go round.

Understanding will also dawn that we, too, are gods in the making.

"I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.” Ps 82:6


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