Crop Circles

March 2010

Friends and Neighbors.

I had NEVER encountered crop circles until a few days ago
when I was driving down the highway south of town.

It was a beautiful, almost spring morning (as you can see things weren't quite green yet).
For the first few miles of my drive, I had been “meditating with eyes WIDE open”
on my inner connections to Group and God.

Before too long I got a buzz, a rush, a sense of being on the right track - or road.
I hope you know what I mean. It is a gift to have that on occasion.

That happened about 10 miles out of town.

The feeling was slipping away when I passed over a rise and received another gift.

The Crop Circles laid out in the distance calling to me in some sort of affirmation.
How lucky can a fella get? Well, I don't yet know the full meaning of the message.
But, I can tell you that our efforts and aspirations
to connect and be useful in the world are recognized.

Click on the cropped photo above
to see the Big Picture which was shared with me.
I will see about getting a GREENER view in the coming days.

The LIGHT Abides.

Montana Crop Circles


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