breathing circle

The Breathing Circle

posted May 2010

Friends and Neighbors.

Last time, I sent out info on Rocky Mountain Crop Circles.
This time, I share a link to The Breathing Circle.

My friend Craig Conley, “The Eccentric Scholar,”
has a mind which is always churning out
new and unusual ideas, books, inventions, etc.
Craig, the “Abecedarian” is also a man of words and letters.
His recent book is entitled Magic Words.

His latest creation is The Breathing Circle:
A tool for combating stress, anxiety, panic attacks.

It is located at

I think it is a neat idea. You can give it a try in a few seconds.
The Breathing Circle is worth your bookmarking and
using as a relaxing meditative device on occasion.

Give it a test drive and peruse the rest of his site while you are at it.

Best Wishes,



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