Christmas Card 2010

O Christmas Tree

posted December 2010

According to my Lights, the Christmas Tree is a wonderful symbol which can help us recognize our connections with all our fellows and the whole of creation.

We really shouldn’t need any such symbol, because we all “live in the same boat” - that is, walk the same planet, breathe the same air, have the same source in Spirit. But, how easily we forget.

I often think that you and I are like the two thumbs of my two hands. They are obviously - to me, the owner - part of the same body. I see the Big Picture, at least for my own personal dwelling place.

But, I wonder if my right thumb has any sense of being connected with the left. If they could think, they might argue and fight as to which one was the better thumb. They have no way of knowing that they are PHYSICALLY connected by a network of nerves and vessels, skin and bones and connective tissue.

You and I are in a similar fix as those two thumbs. Mostly, we are clueless that we are indeed connected with each other, the whole of the planet and beyond.

We are clearly connected by the land, air and water which sustain us. That’s easy.

But, we are also interconnected by invisible (to us) strands of light and force and energy which are the template on which all things are created and re-created.

Some day, we will have the vision of the Great Ones and not have to merely imagine the subtle threads of light which substand our bodies and the planet. And, others which tether us emotionally and mentally to friends and foes alike. And, deeper ones which bond us indivisibly with our spiritual Source.

A lit up Christmas tree reminds me of this Truth. The image on the attached card does the same as well for me. Hinting at how Light is the essence of the Christmas tree symbol. And, the Season. And, Life.

The symbol also reminds us of the “thousand points of light” which are supposed to shine out and make this land better. It really is billions of points of Light which make up the subtle body of Planet Earth. (The Body of Christ - for church people.)

You might want to think about that especially if you participate in a holiday candlelighting. After all “ye are the Light of the World,” just like the Elder Brothers.

May the True Lights of the Season seep more deeply into the awareness of us all. In the immortal words  of Tiny Tim Cratchit: “God Bless us Everyone!”


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