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Santa Claus, Christmas, and Christ

posted December 2010

My “sappy” friend ED sent me the following comment on last week’s installment on the Bread Miracles.

“Interesting, the statement that ‘Christ is ... first a great energizing, mediating Principle in the Universe’. As it is the Christmas season, I've had a couple brief talks with my son about Santa Claus.  He's older now, so he ‘doesn't believe’ in Santa Claus any more. I gently suggest that Santa Claus may be more than the dude who shimmies down the chimney, leaves presents, and eats the cookies.  He doesn't buy it, yet ... he may, someday.  I actually think Santa Claus may be more of an energizing and meditating principle of the universe than Christ ... but I'm sort of sappy that way, some would say.”

I responded thusly to Agnostic ED:

“Well, you're getting the idea. Santa Claus is a Christ figure. Just like Jesus was.

“And, Hermes and Mithra and Rama.”

And now, I will try to expand on that premise.

• Santa Claus is an intermediary, a Messenger (akin to the planet Mercury), an exponent of Love, a Benevolent figure from ancient times. Those characteristics make him a lot like the Great Avatars of history, Jesus Christ being the most recent.

• Saint Nicholas, the original Mr. Claus lived in the 3rd Century AD, in Asia Minor. Nicholas of Myra worked his way up from Bishop of Myra, Defender of Orthodoxy, Wonderworker, and Holy Hierarch before becoming Sainted.

Interestingly, Nicholas performed his own Daily Bread sort of miracle. Wikipedia tells it thus:

“The miracle of wheat multiplication: During a great famine that the Bishop of Myra experienced, a ship was is in the port at anchor, which was loaded with wheat for the Emperor in Byzantium. He invited the sailors to unload a part of the wheat to help in time of need. The sailors at first disliked the request, because the wheat had to be weighed accurately and delivered to the Emperor. Only when Nicholas promised them that they would not take any damage for their consideration, the sailors agreed. When they arrived later in the capital, they made a surprising find. The weight of the load had not changed. The removed wheat in Myra was even enough for two full years and could even be used for sowing.”

Nicholas also “had a reputation for secret gift-giving, such as putting coins in the shoes of those who left them out for him.” Over the ages, Saint Nicholas became bigger than life. A great symbol of sharing, generosity, and goodwill.

• Human beings have trouble grasping those simple principles, let alone trying to understand the vast Principles of Light, Love, Power, and others which motivate the Universe. So, we have had to anthropomorphize them into images like Father, Son, and Holy Ghost (used to be Father, Mother, Son). As well as attract Avatars (google it) to embody them on Earth from age to age. It has been 2000 years since the last, so we are about due.

• For the scientifically oriented, these principles can also be viewed as Great Energies, great but subtle beyond our imagining and comprehension.

Between our material world and those Spiritual Principles stand such lesser energies as vitality, sentience, thought, awareness, and being. In Sanskrit - prana, kama, manas, buddhi, atma. These are not attributes of the body. Rather the body and the material world are effects of those energies and the Greater Ones. Like the 7 and 12 about which we have been circling for the past few weeks.

• Santa Claus is certainly an energizing, mediating principle for many. But, only because of the overshadowing principles which gave the Bishop of Myra life, moved to him to acts of goodness, and open people’s hearts to recognize his gifts. And, share their own.

The simple non-verbal message of Santa Claus bypasses the mind and reaches so many who have no use for church or dogma. Santa Claus is an outer manifestation and symbol of the truths that “God is Love,” that this is a 2nd Ray (look it up) Solar System, and that the Christ Principle is the Great Mediator.

Christmas is one of the few times when we pay some heed to the Benevolence of the Universe in greater or lesser ways. You may want to consider the derivation of the word Christmas, as it comes from Christ Mass and has many implications.

Santa is part of them. He livens up the whole affair and makes it more fun for young and old alike. A bit more enjoyable than kneeling in prayer at a church service.

There are also some interesing similarities between the names Santa Claus and Jesus Christ which one might ponder on.

Thanks for the note, MR. ED.


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