Rose Wise and Lady Liberty

Rose Wise

Rose Wise, Baby Doctor and the Holidays

posted December 2010

Rose Wise and I had been friends for over ten years when she passed during this week of the year in 2007. We were neighbors in Lavina, small town volunteers, and eccentric thinkers. We worked on a number of projects together. When anything artistic needed to be done, Rose came to mind and was most generally amenable to helping out.

In the first attachment, you can see Rose painting the Lady Liberty bust which used to adorn the Rocky Mountain Garage. (Liberty is now mostly covered by a new roof built by the present owner.) Rose’s artwork does remain with me since she also painted a large version (but portable - 4X4) of the United Seal of America. It’s presently posted on the front of my house. See

I said Rose and I were friends of ten years, but probably more like ten lifetimes. She used to tell me she was done here (Earth) and wouldn’t be back. And I responded, “I think I’ve heard you say that before. I told you then and now, ‘You’ll be back. There is more work to be done. You have to return.’”

Well, Rose had been on my mind recently. As I had been reading up on Mediumship and Spiritualism, I thought out loud, “If there is anyone on the other side I would like to have a conversation with it would be Rose.”

About the same time, her business card showed up and became a bookmark. A couple days later, I was passing time on the internet one evening and for some reason googled “Baby Doctor Book.” (I had never done that before.) On the second page of results was a link to in Cody, Wyoming. (It just stood out, at that moment. The second time I looked so as to write this piece required three or four searches with more details to find it.) 

Well, LJ’s Books got my attention for three reasons:

• LJ says the book is signed by the author and his wife. That must be Ginger. Not my wife this time around, though. But, we are Family.

• The book was inscribed to Rose. That had to be Rose Wise. Is she trying to tell me something? Three times gets my attention.

• The book is on sale at LJ’s for 49.95 USD or 36.75 EUR. Hard to believe.

Here is another story which blends in the mix. It is about the author of Walden, HD Thoreau. HD and I have at least one thing in common. Thoreau once told a friend he had a library of six hundred books and he had written five hundred of them.

I think I am down to four hundred copies of Baby Doctor on hand. The present price is well below 49.95.

In honor of Rosalia Wise and Henry Thoreau, I would like to distribute more books this holiday season. Some day, LJ may have two copies on hand in his shop at a more reasonable cost.

Baby Doctor is on sale for $5 a copy (including shipping). What a deal! Baby Doctor makes a great Christmas present or stocking stuffer.

For some intro and the first chapter, go to In brief, BD is futuristic fiction - my next life. I didn’t write Rose Wise into it, though.

For purchase details or questions, give me a shout at this email address. You may pay your bill with paypal.

theportableschool at gmail dot com


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