Batman and Robin

Holy Predictable, Batman!

posted September 2010

Leaders in US and major capitals continue to

hatch remedies for the ailing world economies.
If one bitter pill doesn’t work,
they will most certainly come up with another.

This situation seems much like when you and I get sick
and run off to the hospital or clinic seeking to be “fixed right up.”

The dilemma is that most individual and collective human troubles
just aren’t amenable to being readily “fixed up.”
I believe you fix tires, not people or nations.

Carl Jung put another spin on the question when he said,
“We don’t fix our problems, we outgrow them.”
That truism can be widely applied to
MOST medical, social, and financial problems - personal or collective.

One of the simple and repeated lessons to students of astrology is that
WE ALL are governed by cycles.
From kings and potentates to paupers and peons,
Wall Street to Main Street, city to countryside.

Some of the major cycles in our individual lives can be readily predicted
as our natal planets are transited by outer ones
- Saturn and Uranus, in particular.
Cycles in the lives of nations are a bit harder to read,
but they surely come and go with some rhythm and regularity.
Those which affect the whole world - like the present -
are even more sublime yet quite recognizable.
Does anyone have birth data for Planet Earth?

The media have so often stated that the economic crisis
 through which we are passing was largely unpredictable and unpredicted.

But, you don’t need to be a “rocket scientist” to
have predicted the financial turmoil in which we find ourselves now.
This has been a long time coming as we have spent and wasted,
 exploited and indebted ourselves and those who will follow.

You don’t have to be a divinator to read the signs or the tea leaves.
Look around. The writing is on the wall. Read a little history.
It is easy to see that nothing goes up forever.
“What goes up, must come down.”

And fortunately, what goes down, usually comes back up.
Whatever stimuli, bailouts, financial packages the bigwigs come up with
will have little to no effect on the crisis at hand. (The die was cast, long ago.)
At best, the blows may be softened.
At worst, the discomfort may be prolonged for a time.
Regardless, you and I will have to ride it out together.

Prepare yourself!
The bell for Round 2 of this Great Economic Change is about to ring.

The present situation also reminds me that part of the reason
we keep coming back (reincarnate as individuals and as groups) is
 because we keep making the same mistakes.
Maybe we can begin to change. Let’s grow up.
Learn from each other and make better decisions
the rest of this life and the next.

NEXT TIME: Pictorial Astrology 101.




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