Osama and Obama

Osama and Obama - Comrades in Arms

In another era or alternate universe, Osama Bin Laden (OBL) and Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) could have met on the basketball court or the soccer field.  They might have come away from a game high-fiving and drinking the local brew or smoking weed. OBL and BHO may have become chums, rather than deadly enemies. Fighting on the world stage of sabotage and espionage, drones and destruction, war and waste.

It just didn’t work out that way. Maybe because - in my imaginings - key leaders in the world’s great confrontations over the centuries just keep repeating old battles. General George “Blood and Guts” Patton consciously recalled his fighting in the days of Hannibal and the Carthaginian Wars. How many of our great and not-so great warriors of ancient times have come back again and again to fight more battles? Wouldn’t it be great if they could be re-trained into other occupations. But sadly, the military and martial fields always have vacancies.

Fairly recently, it seemed like there was a family feud - passed down from the Crusades or the like - going on between the Husseins and the Bushs for much of two decades. Saddam tried to put a hit out on George HW. Little George eventually went in to Iraq, “kicked butt,” and had the old dictator hanged. This must have been some sort of replay from past times.

Little George intended to take Osama Bin Laden out early on. He got distracted with Saddam and had to pass on that task to Barry Obama. After two years in office, BHO watched like a basketball fan via satellite hookup as US Navy Seals with helmet video cameras blew away OBL. It took ten years, but one of our presidents got a bird’s eye view of the slaughter of Bad Boy Osama.

I did the horoscopes of these two world players as the last of 40 in my recent book on Pictorial Astrology. The progression in the book led to Osama and Obama. I called those two chapters Fated Adversary and The American Messiah. The final words of the chapter on OBL reads, “Osama’s newest nemesis may or may not be a match for him. His name is Obama.”

Now, we know. But, the story has not really ended. Just a chapter completed. Read on for more of the story.

Part II

Outwardly, it is clear that Obama met the Osama challenge which GWB left unaccomplished. Let’s consider some angles which brought the O Men “together” at this time. They have/had many similarities.

• Both Osama and Obama are messiah types. Astrologer Mark Lerner has called OBL “an englamored messiah figure.” His life path, based on birth 3-10-1957 (3-1-4), is an 8. The figure 8 says a lot about both Osama and Obama. It symbolizes a lot of things including “messiahhood.”

On a trip to Africa in 2006 with BHO, a documentary videographer reflected, “It’s like the messiah has returned.” Obama’s numbers are 8-4-8. He has Neptune at 8 degrees of Scorpio not far from his Midheaven. Obama also has several other 8s strategically placed in his chart. To top things off, BHO is also America’s 44th president.

Osama Natal Chart

• Osama has a plethora of planets - hinting at his “calling” -
at his Midheaven in Aquarius and Pisces.
These largely oppose Obama’s stellium of Leo and Virgo luminaries.
There are some hints in a comparison chart to suggest
how BHO was able to trump BSO - without the Donald’s help.

Obama Natal Chart

• Back to commonalities. Both OBL and BHO are nominal (at least in name) Muslims. Many Americans think Obama is a Muslim. There is a grain of truth there. His father came from a Muslim background. Both father and son have Hussein as middle names, which connects them back to Saddam Hussein energetically if not otherwise. But then, we are all connected in many ways.

Osama was a renegade, jihadist type of Muslim who used his religion to support his radical ideas. With long and widespread effect. Think how the world has changed since 911.

• My favorite way to look at Osama and Obama is through their names. Well, you say, “Everyone has thought about that.”

Maybe and maybe not. With their names, the two have similar personality energies. Just as Obama has connection and similarity with Saddam Hussein through name vibration.

The most fascinating thing about names comes when comparing Osama with the USA. We do this by using an alternate spelling of OBL’s first name USAMA.

Isn’t it amazing that Usama Bin Laden had his enemy “hidden in plain sight” in his own first name. Osama, Usama or USAma. It is right in broad view - the United States of AMericA was born inside of OBL in 1957.

When Bin Laden took on the USA, he was really fighting himself. He killed himself in his holy war - parts of himself. Until he himself was destroyed by other parts of USAma. A whole book is written in Bin Laden’s first name.

Usama Bin Laden tried to destroy the USAma. He succeeded. But, not quite in the way he imagined.

Now that Osama/Usama has left the outer scene, I believe we, the bigger USAma, need to be careful that we don’t make the same mistakes Bin Laden made. By becoming invested, enthralled in the fighting external enemies - real and imagined.

Surely, we are our own worst enemy. That is the case for all us, just as it was for Usama Bin Laden.

Obama Transits Aug 2011

Obama Solar Return Chart 2011

• A Final Note: Astrologically, it looks like this could be a tough summer
for the USA and President Obama especially around BHO’s birthday.
Solar return charts (2011) for the country and president are stressful to say the least.

USA Solar Return Chart 2011

• PS I have to wonder if, in some ways,
Colonel Gaddafi may pick up the mantle which Bin Laden left.
A variation on Gaddafi’s first name is Moamma.

Very Interesting!

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(Charts done using Astrograph software. Great program.)


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