November 2009

God, Symbols and Healing

Holiday Greetings from the Rocky Mountain Astrologer and the Northern Paradise

This note is intended to pass on new information as well as updates at Hopefully, it will entice you make a return visit to the site.

• Proof That God Exists - an article. The study of astrology opens one to a wide range of thinking and possibilities. The writer has been drawn to cogitate more and now write about the Big G. Here are the opening lines of a new article posted at the site.

There have been many attempts over the ages to “prove” that God exists. As well as many suggestions that “God is dead” or never existed at all and that life just happened because of The Big Bang.

The writer believes that there is one very simple deductive proposition that indeed “proves that God does exist.” With the proviso that PROOF is founded on evidence and that some people ignore evidence, let us proceed.

“If it is a Miracle, any sort of evidence will answer, but if it is a Fact, proof is necessary.” (Mark Twain)

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• To bring Pictorial Astrology closer to home, RMA has devised a simple way for you to participate. Everyone’s horoscope has clear, suggestive and valuable signatures which can help guide that person’s life.

By answering a few (eleven) questions and returning your birth information to RMA, you will be presented with two, three or more of your unique signatures. For study, for pondering and for FREE.

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• A new section has been added to the site - called Rocky Mountain Remedies. (This section was on the The Portable School website, years ago. So, it is also old.) Again closer to home, RMR provides brief articles and practical information under the headings of Horse Sense and Home Remedies. A dozen pieces are available for reading or downloading. More will follow over time.

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• SPDX - Spiritual Diagnosis - continues to be the most popular part of the website. You can do an SPDX at any time and have your Mandala returned within hours along with some comments and notes. For FREE.

The attachment is for an SPDX done by the writer for himself in August. The symbols still seem to be telling now several weeks later.

I welcome your comments and queries about the SPDX. I will collect them and share my own commentary in the next newsletter. I invite others to volunteer to have their SPDXs presented through this venue for comment.

See attachment: 0010RM809.jpg

• The holidays are here. RMA can help with unusual and useful gifts. Consider an SPDX or Pictorial Astrology consultation. Purchase an SPDX Kit for a friend. Pictorial Astrology and Baby Doctor (10 years old now) books are both available. All the preceding have discounted prices for holiday giving. Respond to this note for details relevant to your interest.

• Next Newsletter. Intentions for next time include articles on Medical Astrology as well as Relationships between the Planets and Your Chakras.

Remember God exists regardless of the state of the economy and the rest of outer arrangements. God dwells within the midst of all creation, is close at hand, and in the very heart of our beingness.

Have a Great Holiday Season,

RM, Rocky Mountain Astrologer


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