Mother Moon
posted December 2010

Eclipsing Mother Moon


I have been asked in the past about my thoughts on Eclipses.
I had to be honest, “I haven’t studied them, even a lick.”

But then, I don’t “study” a lot of things in the usual way.
Yet, I am often able to come up with - to me - useful perspectives.
Using my Aquarian-Uranian uniquity.

Every time there is a new aspect in the skies or another eclipse, astrologers look in their books and try to correlate what is written there with what is going on now.

I won’t even try to speak specifically about the recent solstice-lunar eclipse which hadn’t occurred for 300 to 400+ years according to which headline you read.

• I will just play with the words to begin with - ECLIPSE. Without even consulting a dictionary, I suggest it hints at change, maybe transformation. Well, we can look for that as I am sure the pundits are predicting. Especially as we near the “magic” year of 2012.

But, change is constant and transformation can happen at any time. So, how can we know that an Eclipse has anything to do with it? Good question.

• Various kinds of eclipses occur four to seven times a year. Not so uncommon from frequency angle. When the Earth gets between Sun-Moon, we have a lunar eclipse. When the Moon gets in the middle, we have solar eclipse.

I think is really quite significant that Sun-Earth-Moon can line up so perfectly so that the Sun and Moon become blotted from sight on a regular cycle. That just didn’t happen by the roll of the planets, so to speak. There is definitely import and symbolism to the phenomenon. What are the odds of the orbits of these three luminaries lining up so Eclipses could happen as they do?

• A lot of people, including some women I know, are really into the Moon. They might be called Moon worshipers. Goddess gals.

I believe that they might want to review their reverence for the Moon. It may be time for current thinking to be Eclipsed. Based on the following:

• The Moon is a dying, disintegrating planet. The life has been waning from the Moon for eons.

People who bow to the Moon are worshiping an empty shell. Of course, much worship over the ages including the present has been void and fanciful - to be diplomatic.

A Great One once said, “Let the dead bury the dead.”

The living might want to worship the living Spirit. Much subject for thought there.

• The Moon’s effects on Earth are fortunately waning. Many of its remaining influences are relatively malign.

At the time of the Full Moon, it is opposite the Sun and reflecting the Sun’s light. Symbolically, Earthlings have unobstructed access to the Light of the Sun (Son).

Which should be a positive moment for everyone. But, it ain’t necessarily so because people bow to the reflection instead to the source of Light.

• The Moon is a dying planet. The Moon, in various ways, gave birth to the Earth eons ago. That idea is at odds with most scientific conjecture that the Moon extruded from Planet Earth once upon time. Neither belief can be proven. Only higher thought can lead to the Truth.

The Ancient Wisdom suggests that the Moon is the “Mother” of Planet Earth. I won’t even attempt to go into details.

How many times have you heard talk about the Man in the Moon? Well, that idea is also in error.

It was and is the Woman in the Moon. But sorry to say, “The Woman is dead.” We should let Mother Moon rest in peace and make our obeisance to the Central Light in our solar system, not to a dying ember.

Note: Comments are welcome. Goddess people reading this article may be shocked. It the thoughts written here are true, accept them and move on. If they themselves are in error, please enLighten the writer and the rest of the reading group.

Two Comments Follow:


A very interesting perspective!

So, I ask,  what constitutes “life”? Simply the existence of carbon atoms? (I daresay that might be considered quite a patriarchal view.)
Or might “life” be characterized by the infusion of spirit, the depth of mystery and the richness of universal archetype – irrespective of the presence of a particular kind of atom?
The mystery of the eclipse has to do with that which is hidden from our eyes, yet still in existence, ready to emerge in the next portion of the cycle.
In fact, there is no death, that is only an illusion that appears real from a limited perspective. This is the mystery of the ages. There is only the cycle of life, with the widely varying experiences around the 360 degrees of the cycle…but there is no “end of the road”, just a cycling upward.
And that is why Santa (Yes, Virginia), God/Goddess and the Moon all live on.



Perhaps the yielding, dark, feminine (dying moon) is a reflection of the solar sun (also dying). The two create the nodes (exact opposites) as guidance in the astrological chart/symbol. When things, thoughts and/or ideas "transcend and inclusion" less complex ideas or forms (atoms, cells, plants, organs) the more complex may not experience the importance of the "lesser" elements, however they are a part of the system/symbol.  BTW the eclipse was conjunct my north node in my 5th house of children. Since I am an old, dying Moon!!, perhaps the children I will nourish (reflect) will benefit ... who knows!

Be Well, Susan


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