Leo, the Sphinx
posted August  2010

Know Thyself

This is the second time for me to write this note.
I put the first version together a few days ago and
now find that somehow the computer didn’t save a word.

Maybe that means I need to write from a different angle. So, I shall.

The basic message was/is that astrology is a means to self knowledge.
As generally practiced, it becomes a reading more than a learning.
I believe that in the coming years you and I and John Doe
can begin to understand our own charts along the path of self discovery.

The ancients - from the Oracle at Delphi to the Great Sphinx in Egypt -
told us that our highest calling was to Know Thyself.

Learning astrology - really learning it - offers that opportunity.
Know your chart and you will most certainly know your self.
Your lesser self, your greater Self, and the One Self.

Well, I haven’t mastered my own chart or my own self. But, I am en route.
And, I have discovered a simple, intuitive method which I call Pictorial Astrology
to open doors to understanding the chart and its native.

Peace Arnold (thank you) sent me this Abraham-Hicks quote which seems relevant:
“The astrologers that we have seen interacting with physical beings are
far more psychics than they are astrologers.
In other words the really good ones are the ones that are tapping
in on the energy in the NOW.
Not the ones that are just reading from a book or trying
to establish something from your date of birth.”

In coming weeks, I will begin to share hints, tips and teachings on Pictorial Astrology
which can help you better fathom your horoscope and your self.
If you take some time to read and ponder the bi-monthly eletters,
you will learn some astrology, better understand symbols,
expand your intuition, and really get to know your self.

The Sphinx - part Lion - is a fitting symbol for this note and this month
as we see the Sun pass through Leo.

Salaam, Shalom.



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