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This is the Mandala on which I invited comment last time.

• Commentary 1 is from Dyana Ray. I print in totality.  Thanks.   

The boots in the Way section “jumped” out at me.  First thought:  Nancy Sinatra’s song “These boots are made for walking”  Is there something you need to walk or move away from (or to), whether physically, emotionally or mentally?  Or do you need to change location?

Mind - crack in the skull - of two minds?  The crack also looks like a Christmas tree or a lightning strike.  Lightning strike - ideas (two) or projects?

Healing - bird with candle? - an open book on stand with candle - or unusual flower opened to show its center, its core, its seed - the heart of it.   A bird in flight (landing?) with the Soul light  burning bright - what came to mind was “On the wings of a snow white dove” soaring.  Two wings - two minds; again two projects?  Writing projects - books?  (Wings look like feather pens - quills.)

Father Time - Persona - Time is running out - old man with days numbered - time passing by or waiting and watching the clock -  “impatiently”?

Dis-Ease - not a happy person!  Split (mind, personality)  Half shut down, half opened. Looking in mirror???  Is someone reflecting you to you and you are not happy about it?

Energy - arrows of lightning (contained) - suction cups on outside - or door knobs.  Individual sections look like Christmas Trees with heart and Soul showing - all with single Star topper - attached at “head” (stuck on “high center” and can’t move or go anywhere?).  Snowflake. 6-pointed Star.  Shield.  6 directions.

Lesson - Compass - find center - stuck on center with one foot dug in ground, the other trying to move, going nowhere, only going around in circles - get your bearings.

Reiterated in Labyrinth (Soul)- going in circles - going to center - find center.

Feeling - Alligator - Guarding the gate, the feelings, the Truth.  Anger?

It looks like maybe it is time for some personal inner-journey changes.  You are aware of this (probably at the conscious level), but of two minds.  Looks like it may be important to move off center ground of the physical (without) in order to go to center for spiritual (within).  One foot is not moving.  It’s “stuck” protecting what it “knows” (or thinks it knows) yet tearing in two the mind.  Consider getting out of the mind and into the center of the flower (you), to the core, the seed - the heart (and Soul).  The Soul is calling you.  You have taken a step, but emotions may be keeping you grounded and keeping you from soaring through your writings.  The writings will take on a different direction.  It is important this happen soon, as time is drawing short.

• Commentary 2 is my own.

Context of the SPDX: It was done a couple days after a meeting regarding a potential workshop at a church in the area. A tentative agreement was make for a program in October.

The more I thought about the plan, the more I realized I was going to be doing most everything and the church - or the minister - was committing to little.

* So, I was a bit bent - twisted - about what had happened. I bent over, asking little and getting little.

The program eventually resolved into a non-happening while what appears to have been a clearer issue surfaced. A few more days out and it hit me that this SPDX was probably more about Mr. E. and me.

* That face in Dis-ease - or one quite like it - gradually came to suggest itself to become the cover of the book on Organized Crime in Montana that Mr. E. and I began working on in August. Mr. E. actually has TWO of those faces. One is an imitation of Dick Cheney whom he knows personally. Another is his very own. He squints his eyes, pulls his upper lip to his nose, and shows his teeth. He holds the pose for some seconds when in the mood.

There is almost a book - like the one we were writing - in this SPDX itself. I will continue with my impressions regarding E. and then turn it more to me.

* Lesson - The compass - I tried for over a year to get E. to join the local Masonic Lodge (square and compass being its major symbol).

* Feeling - The crocodile - well, he certainly can be a bit of a snake or reptile.

* Mind - The Deadhead - he has that death's head quality to him. He carried guns and knew how to use them. He still has quite a collection. He can be quite electric at times, as well.

* Energy - E. turned out to be more of a flake than I imagined. I interviewed an old friend of his before we parted ways. She told me a few things I might have suspected. She said, “I love him but I wouldn’t trust him.” To that point, he had been reliable and forthcoming during our three months work together.

* Healing - Well, I thought that the Organized Crime book was the endpoint. I see the symbol as two quills and a lamp, or a lamp with an open book. There are aspects of the subject that I believe everyone should know about. Organized Crime is not just on the streets, but in the government and the courts and the police office.

* Persona - I see this figure as Father Time, but also Saturn. I thought I would just have to work slowly through our process which was positive at first. Despite the topic. Another slice of life. I fully expect him to show up in six months and want to continue on.

Interestingly, he often refers to the Wise Men (Saturn) for whom he he presently works. He seems to "idolize" mental people. E. is a very bright man, but only graduated reform school and completed a few college courses.

* Way was the biggest question in the chart. I couldn't make sense of the Boots - until he started to flake out and I decided to Walk.

* Soul - I almost forgot, which may be a clue. It is a Labyrinth, but with Mr. E. it would have been a Maze.


Reflecting more on ME.

* Soul - I've never had that Soul symbol in the past. It makes me wonder about getting distracted with his project. I thought I was just writing a book. I like to tell people's stories. I didn't consider that the subject or energy connected with it was a real problem - CRIME. Criminal energy.

* Feeling - May symbolize a DOLLAR SIGN. Which was after a few conversations his bottom line on the book. And, part of my own motivation. We imagined the book with a jazzy title becoming a bestseller and a movie.

While I have never stolen more than a flower or a piece of wood in my life, I could have been a thief or criminal. I would have been good at it, if I took up the occupation. There is some vicarious experience to hearing and writing someone's story. I didn't have to go out and rob and smuggle.

* Lesson - The Compass was about measuring things - I suppose for what they really are.

* Energy  and Mind - The Flake is probably related to the Deadhead, somewhat similar energies. Electricity  is part of my make up. (I have Uranus in the first house and an Aquarius Moon.) It can get out of hand and balance at times.

* Dis-Ease. Ouch! Part of the Saturn passage that I apparently am STILL in. Saturn is still moving through the lower houses of my horoscopes where all but one of my planets are located.

My whole life in some ways is played out in that Hemisphere - for good or otherwise. My Saturn is close to the Nadir. A fundamental part of my life and nature.

I have to learn and relearn patience - waiting and sitting. Sitting and waiting.

Interestingly, Mr. E.’s Sun is 8 MINUTES from my Saturn.

* Healing - I have decided that is my book, not his. So, I have begun a new one to be entitled: Painting America Red White and Blue Highways. It is two of my stories blended together.

Conclusion: This SPDX depicted part of the passage. Saturnine may be the best way to describe it. The process is slow. Speaking to myself. “Make haste slowly. Be true to yourself. There is no cause for worry in the long run.”

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January 2010 Newsletter: The New Year and Symbols of Change

The New Year started off with a big bang with the Haitian earthquake. Expect more turmoil and learning opportunities as the year, century and millennium progress.

What’s new at rockymountainastrologer.com?

• Two NEW horoscopes using the Pictorial Astrology approach have been posted on the site.

A horoscope for the moment of the earthquake in Haiti and the Preval Presidency which is involved in the tragedy. You may be surprised and interested to know what was going on astrologically when the quake hit. The Pictures are quite dramatic like the event.


Another horoscope with transits for commentator Rush Limbaugh at the time of his recent chest pains and hospitalization. The doctors told him that “nothing was wrong with him.”  The horoscope brings forth other impressions.


• It’s NEW and OLD. SPDX. We are finishing the composition of an SPDX CD. The CD will allow people to do SPDX at home on their own computer and print Mandalas out immediately. All 372 symbols are included. The product is expected to be available in February.

In the meantime, you can still come to the website and do an SPDX with your Mandala returned via email.


• An SPDX I did for myself in August was presented in the last Newsletter. There was no contest winner because no one entered. Two Commentaries are posted above.

• Your attention is directed to an OLD article about to be printed ANEW in a periodical in the Far West. The Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine System explains the relationship between the physical body and its glands and nerves and their subtle support system, the chakras - centers of consciousness. The truer and deeper sources of our health problems and potential for healing and regeneration lie in this amazing part of human makeup.


Next time, we should details on SPDX CD and some personal Pictorial Astrology Signatures to work with.

May you have a productively symbolic winter,

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