Vortices of Light by Meryl Ann Butler
posted March 2012

The Fab Fabric Lady

 first encountered Meryl Ann Butler at the Headquarters for the Association for Research and Enlightenment (Edgar Cayce organization) on a trip to Virginia Beach, VA, in 1998. I “met” her through this wonderful piece of fabric art which hangs in the foyer to the Cayce Library. It is entitled Vortices of Light.

I literally ran into her at a Labyrinth Conference a few years later. Every once in a while, she now appears via the Internet and email. Recently, I became a fan of hers at http://www.opednews.com/merylannbutler. She has written 130 articles for OpEdNews over recent years.

Meryl Ann Butler

But, her usual claims to fame are as a professional artist and instructor, labyrinth builder, workshop facilitator, and visionary fiber artist. You can see her fabulous fabric art and read articles by and about her in the art arena at http://www.merylannbutler.com/bio/index.htm

Details on the Vortices of Light piece and information on purchasing prints can be found at http://www.merylannbutler.com/fiber/images/AREQFW.htm


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