The Symbolism of the DC Power Outage

Power Outage

Headlines after the Storm on June 29, 2012 in Washington, DC

• No easy fix for eastern US storm power outages as heat wave persists •

• US power outages put damper on July 4th celebrations •
• Power outages force many Americans to party like it's 1776 •
• DC area thunderstorms knock out power across region •
• On the Fourth of July, no air conditioning or fireworks

Between 9:30 and 11 p.m. Friday June 29, one of the most destructive complexes of thunderstorms in memory swept through the entire D.C. area. Packing wind gusts of 60-80 mph, the storm produced extensive damage, downing hundreds of trees, and leaving more than 1 million area-residents without power.

This kind of fast-moving, long-lived, large, and violent thunderstorm complex is known as a derecho.

Derechos are most common in the Midwest and Great Lakes between May and July.
The National Weather Service indicates they occur about once every four years in the D.C. area.


Quick thoughts from the RM Astrologer:

• All sorts of energies are at work in and around us - and our institutions.
• Some of them play out through the natural world, cyclically and otherwise.
• While DC is still a "power center" in the USA, it really got zapped.
• This is reminiscent of the flattening of the World Trade Center on 911
and the sinking of the Concordia Cruise Ship just a few months ago.
• Power is a key word in modern times, it is subject to change and influence.
• Pluto has a whole lot to do with power. Pay heed to Pluto.
• The USA is entering the orb of its Pluto Return,
Pluto will conjunct natal Pluto in @ 10 years.
• Think of how power shifted on this continent in years prior to 1776.
• Comparable things are coming for the USA.
• Other major cycles are converging affecting the whole world.

Watch Out!

Comments from Readers

drecho reminds me of dragon...
the top of my blue bird feeder blue off... but I found it... otherwise, no damage
this is what it reminds me of:
"Draco is a constellation in the far northern sky. Its name is Latin for dragon. "


Hey Bob,

I was in DC for this storm, I drove up on Friday June 29 to attend a 2-day conference on Tumbleweed Tiny Houses.  I stayed in the 98-year-old Harrington Hotel, 2 blocks north of the Mall, and 4 blocks west of the District Architecture Center, where the event was being held. Some interesting things happened...

First, this hotel's parking lot was 4 blocks north, most guests just leave their cars parked there until they check out. After I parked and got to the hotel, the storm came, and I realized that my umbrella was in the car! The weather report called for heavy rain on Sat. morning ... but since i had no raincoat, jacket or umbrella, the only thing left to do was visualize a morning with sun, so I did.

The next morning, in spite of the weather reports, it was sunny (and HOT! which made me think, that I could have just as easily visualized  a cool sunny day! HIndsight is 20-20.)

I arrived at the event right on time, but several folks were late because of staying in hotels without electricity, or because portions of the subway were not running due to power outages. Even the facilitator had to switch hotels the night before because there was no power!  I felt lucky that my hotel's a/c was working perfectly. (I guess it has been working fine for a long time -  the Harrington was the first hotel in DC to install central air, in 1938!)

As i recall it rained some that day, but at 5 pm, when it came time to walk back to my hotel, it was sunny again.  Heavy rain was again forecasted for Sunday morning, and again i visualized walking to the event on a sunny morning. (Drats! I forgot to program for "coolth" again! But at least I was able to walk back and forth to my event, and stay dry.)

So, in many ways, i had the experience of living in the "eye of the storm"! Many bizarre things happened around me, but i felt unaffected, and I believe that was because  I preferred to be unaffected, and believed that it was possible.  It can rain on one side of the street - I've seen that happen - so I know that it's possible to have my own separate experience as other people are having theirs, even if we are pretty much in the same place. There's a lot of power in that, since it means I'm not a victim of the environment.

As far as the larger symbolism is concerned, I think it is uniquely appropriate to discover that the experts say that DC has a derecho every 4 years. (Silly me, I thought they were called elections!) For me, this symbolism tells me that no matter how much of a mess the politicians make of this country, I can set my tone and create my own reality. I can't change other people's reality, only they can do that. But I can choose to be unaffected by any parts of, or all of, the chaos swirling around me. I like that!

;-) Meryl Ann


Since outward reflects inward, it's ironic that this is a four-year cycle corresponding with the political events that happen during this period.  Pre-election stress, campaign negativity and opposing forces of parties, belief systems and agendas manifest into these violent storms.  The turbulent collective conciousness of the political arena is reflected.  What is your take on it?



Hi Medicine Man,
No, hadn’t seen any pictures of the storm that hit Washington DC. Wow, amazing. In Spanish, “derecho” means straight or better yet, the Law. So DC was hit by straight by  “The Law” !  Had to have a bit of a laugh with that one, even though I am sorry for those who have suffered with this storm.
I do agree with you, external events are not really that “external” and we know all is connected. “Funny” too that DC “lost power” with the storm, hhhmmmmmm. How to read this symbol?  Needless to say, change is happening, everywhere, and America has a lot to say in the new world order once it gets itself together and in gear.


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