Unity Scrip - Alternative Currency
posted January 2012

Money, Money, Money
- or -
New Money for a New Year 2012

It is becoming clear that this year or next, we will need new forms of money:

• The Euro is on the verge of collapse because of huge debts in the PIIGS countries - Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain. Overspending has been gargantuan in these countries in recent decades. Other Eurozone countries are not far behind with similar problems. And, the Euro is in dire straits.

• The American Dollar is itself under siege, manipulated in a variety of ways by traders, speculators and the Federal Reserve. Credit is a big part of the problem. Much of America has maxxed out its credit cards. The US government has no clear limit, but we know it cannot borrow endlessly beyond the present $15,000,000,000,000 mark.

• Two basic problems arise. The first is the disappearance of real wealth in the stock market, real estate and lots of other places. So, there is less money to drive and sustain economies, pensions, loans, bills, subsidies, welfare, etc.

• The second is confidence. People have to believe in the “legal tender” they carry in their wallets and purses. This has eroded dramatically and will continue so for years to come.

So, all that seems like Big Stuff and beyond any of us doing anything about it. Let’s see about that.

A potential rescue - in one way or another - may be Local Currency (also called alternative currency). Ginger Peace Arnold brought the idea to my attention a few years ago. I studied it a bit, read some books, cruised the internet investigating places where Local Money has been implemented. I have “circulated” the idea locally with very modest interest forthcoming. It is hard enough to get obviously needed projects going in this berg.

“Local currency. What? Are you nuts?” That is not quite the response I got, but not far from it. People forget or are unaware that the old American greenback dollar is not all that old, that banks and other businesses used to print their own scrip, and that US money was at times in our history almost impossible to use in trade - as during the Revolutionary and Civil War periods.

So, it can be a good backstop to have some form of local currency circulating when “hard times” occur. And, that does not count other reasons to initiate Local Money in any period of time.

Ginger Peace suggested some time ago that I design an Alternative Currency note which I did and sent out in a previous newsletter. For my Christmas present, she had some of the Money printed out and mailed me a modest supply. I have passed a few along as my own Christmas contribution to others.

As you may be able to see, the Unity Scrip uses largely borrowed symbols which I have collected over the years. Some were posted at the old Rocky Mountain Garage and others are now on the front of my house.

Here are a number of reasons to pick up this idea or a similar one if even in a modest way:

• Such a project helps us remember our Founding Fathers and Mothers and the symbols and ideals which inspired them to create the USA. We don’t really pay much attention to those emblems on the modern Federal Reserve Note.

• Local Currency is a way to share progressive energies, positive ideas, and good vibes.

• Active Local Currency is an added medium of exchange which can promote new entrepreneurs, stimulate local business, and support the community and area.

• Local Currency, like all money, can be a means to transfer and distribute Love. Money is an outward form of Love. Wouldn’t it be novel if we thought that way and shared money with that idea in mind. Rather than bemoaning the paying of bills and fulfilling of our financial obligations.

• Local Currency can be an avenue to help us move consciously into the Aquarian Age.

Your comments and questions are invited.
The future is coming, let’s work at preparing for it in any way we can.

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