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Books and Tape, Bonanzas and Fate

posted August 2011

My neighbor, Loren, asked me a few days ago, “What are you reading?”
I didn’t have a quick response. The answer is a little complicated. 

It goes this way: I have been imagining I might one day catch up on the piles of unread books I have collected around my house. I thought that last winter and was thinking the same thing for the coming one. 40 or so books, even deep ones, didn’t seem beyond my reading speed during the dark cold months coming up.

But ... an acquaintance started dropping off boxes of books and tapes. First came audio tapes from programs and seminars his astrologer mother had attended 30-40 years. Around 400 of them. Then, books mostly on astrology, psychology and health topics. Dozens of them.

I have passed a few of the latter on to friends in the area. Now, I am making a list of my “new collection,” about which more later.

I pulled a few books from the new piles to add to my old piles. Three stand out and are worth mentioning.

The Theory of Celestial Influence: Man, The Universe and Cosmic Mystery by Rodney Collin. I have just started this one which attempts to bridge the world of everyday appearance with the world of great celestial laws. This book - based on the teachings of PD Ouspensky - must have been hard to write, and I expect it not to be a easy to read. But, I think it should fill in some gaps in my world view. Seems suitable for those interested in astrology and the like.

From Intellect to Intuition by Alice Bailey is a few pages from finished now. I have been a student of Alice Bailey for 34 years and had read all but one of her two dozen plus books - around 10,000 pages, most of them at least a few times.

From Intellect to Intuition was the one book missing in my collection. Finding this book in the midst of the boxes was a Real Bonanza. This book turns out to be a beautiful hardback edition. All my other Bailey Books are in paperback. It is also devoted to the subject of meditation which is becoming a larger part of my life.

Destiny Times Six by Katherine de Jersey caught my attenton as well. This one, subtitled Fascinating True Stories From the Confidential Files of a Famous Astrologer, is also a keeper. I read it quickly in a few days.

Many astrology books are encyclopedic, tedious, or simply dull. But, I can recommend Katherine de Jersey’s book to you. She tells real life stories from her years as an astrologer in Chicago. How she got involved in clients’ lives, helped them paddle through difficult times, and gave them guidance based on “reading their stars.” I feel like this 300-page book is something which could be quite valuable for people with just a passing interest in the subject. An engaging introduction. The stories are very readable, keep one’s attention, and put the stars and life in useful perspective. The back covers says the book “is the Peyton Place of astrology.” Almost, but not quite.

In any case, Destiny Times Six brings astrology to life and may be worth considering if you would like to get your feet wet. Here are the final words of De Jersey’s book:

“Astrology can help anyone, because it enables us to know ourselves as we really are, so that we don’t waste time and energy fighting against the pattern. Life is not easy. It never was. It never will be. But if you know the woof and warp of your life pattern, the designs set by the planets as you drew your first breath and became part of the universe, you are never really confused again. For day by day, hour by hour, even minute by minute, as the planets come together and separate, exerting their pull on the electromagnetic field of your body, you are brought into periods of trial you can recognize, as well as those times of serendipity when, if you just put out your hand, you cannot be denied.”

It seems that I was somehow “destined” to have these books in my hands for a time. I intend to visit my benefactress when I next visit Billings where she lives in a retirement home.

I am keeping my copy of De Jersey’s book, but has copies for sale starting at $2 plus shipping. I have lots of other recently “inherited” books now for sale. Modestly priced, so I can “distribute the wealth,” so to speak. All at $5 apiece, which includes shipping. Payable through

The price makes it easy for anyone to purchase, but worth my time and energy to package and mail. If any of the titles interest you, let me know.

I will add to the list (which will continue to be accessible at the website) as time goes on and as I tread my way through the audio tapes with speakers like Noel Tyl, Dane Rudhyar, Liz Greene, Jeff Green, Robert Hand, Erin Sullivan and Zipporah Dobyns.

The post remains, but the books have disappeared into other hands years ago.


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