A Lincoln and C Lincbergh

Same Soul, Different Cloak

One  Life Leads to the Next.
We Pick Up Where We Leave Off.

This is not such a startling idea,
at least for many of us who believe in reincarnation and karma.
I came up with a number of cases in which astrology supports the soul passing
from one personality to another while researching my book on Pictorial Astrology.

George W. Bush well may have been George III.
The personal similarities between Farmer George and Dubya are extraordinary
and the astrological ones are supportive and thought provoking.

The horoscopes of present day guru David Wilcock and the Sleeping Prophet,
Edgar Cayce, are incredibly alike.
The correspondences are far beyond the realm of statistical possibility.

The most fascinating combination, however, is borrowed from Richard Salva
who wrote a book called Soul Journey (2006).
Salva is a student of Paramahansa Yogananda who revealed that
“Abraham Lincoln [in a past life] had been a yogi in the Himalayas . . . .
He has come back . . . as Charles Lindbergh.”
The book gives a comparison of the lives of the two famous Americans
and offers hundreds of points of commonality between them.

Many months ago,
I sent a comparative note on the charts of Lincoln and Lindbergh to Mr. Salva.
He posted my thoughts at http://crystarpress.com.

Then a few weeks back, I had the idea of comparing Lincoln’s death chart
with that of Lindbergh’s natal horoscope. The result is quite amazing.
(Also posted at Richard’s site.)

I should say that I use the time of Lincoln’s assassination (10:15 pm, April 14, 1865),
when the soul undoubtedly left his body,
rather than the following morning when his body breathed its last.

Here is the Rest of the Story:

Two major things stand out in comparing Lincoln and Lindergh charts,
beyond their both being Aquarians.

Lincolon Natal Horoscope

1 - Lincoln's midheaven is at 8 degrees Sagittarius and becomes Lindbergh's
Ascendant at 8 degrees Sagittarius. The odds of that happening are tiny.

It is as if Lincoln's zenith (ending) becomes Lindbergh's beginning (birth).
As I understand such things,
we pick up in the next life pretty much from where we left off in the last.

Lindbergh Natal Horoscope

2 - Lincoln's Nodes of the Moon are at 6 degrees Scorpio and Taurus.
Lindbergh's are at 8 degrees of the same signs.
These are about destiny, North Node seemingly more important.
Lincoln's North node is in the 8th house of birth, death, transformation, etc
(the Civil War and Emancipation).
Lindbergh's is in the 11th house (naturally ruled by Aquarius)
and showing him as a great humanitarian.

Lincoln Assassination Chart

This chart is set for the time of Lincoln's assassination
(his body lived on until the next day, but practically he died at this time - the soul departed).
Compare it with the one above for Lindbergh's birth.

• All the cusps are the same by sign and are within a degree of each other.
Cusps are determined based on the Rising Sign, Ascendant,
which are almost exact for the two.
All of which suggests that the Soul of Lincoln continued on from his sudden 1865 death
with his birth as Lindbergh in 1902
to work again through the houses of the chart and life as he left them.

• Sagittarius rises with the Moon in both charts.

• Both have the same North Node in Scorpio.

The Moon and North Node of the Moon commonly represent the body or aspects of embodiment.

A few more details can be found at http://crystarpress.com.


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