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Robin Williams Horoscope

Comedian Robin Williams was hospitalized in Florida on March 4 because of heart problems after complaining of shortness of breath. He was in the midst of an 80-city, one-man show tour called “Weapons of Self-Destruction.” Sounds like the show might have been one of those weapons.

News sources said that he had been medically evaluated. His symptoms were attributed to problems with his aortic valve and he was to undergo valve replacement surgery.

On the same day, former First Lady Barbara Bush was recovering after sugery following replacement of her hardened aortic heart valve. Her problem was supposedly due to wear-and-tear of her 83 years.

Chart Commentary

We might readily expect that Leo, the ruler of heart and major arteries, to be prominent in the charts of Williams and Bush. And, they are.

Robin Williams, the Wild and Crazy Man, has Pluto conjunct Mercury (can you how he portrays those glyphs?) at his Midheaven in Leo. These had been receiving oppositions from a line of planets in rotation for some weeks. While he was near the end of those oppositions, transiting Mars and Chiron had just passed into direct opposition to Pluto and were then facing Mercury head on. He was feeling this opposition, but most particularly in his physical body. Mars and Chiron got his attention such that he went on to have open heart surgery. Look for a different man to appear after his operation.

Additionally, the transiting Black Moon conjunct Pluto were opposing his 8th house planets and his natal Black Moon. The Moon now passing through the 8th may have set off the symptoms which prompted Robin Williams to look for medical attention. With these passages, Williams had to retreat from his major public tour (10th house) and deal with his 8th house. He certainly has the potential for regeneration and renewal. (Interestingly, RW was planning to go back on the road not long after his surgery.)

Barbara Bush

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Barbara Bush Horoscope

Barbara Bush is at a quite different time of her life as she approaches her Uranus return in just two months. This is the completion of a major cycle of almost 84 years. A full life. No wonder the wear and tear on her heart and valves.

At the same time as disruptive Uranus retured to its natal position, Saturn had been opposing transiting and natal Uranus back and forth from her Midheaven. She could expect more discomfort at many levels for some weeks to come.

Mrs. Bush also had been experiencing the stress of the same line of planets transiting in Aquarius and opposing her Neptune and North Node in Leo. The oppositions to Neptune may have caused her to look towards higher worlds.

Her destiny may be fixed regardless of medical care and valve replacement. This is supported by the near conjunction of Nodes, transiting South with natal North in the 8th house. Regardless, this is a time for Barbara Bush to be thinking about other worlds and “preparing for her finals.” As we all might well be doing, in one way or another.

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