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This site is presented in the spirit of
royal astrologer of the late Middle Ages.

Preval Presidency

The Preval Presidency and the Haiti Earthquake

These two charts tell a great deal about forces past and present meeting at the moment of 7.0 earthquake in Haiti on January 12. Impressions are focused as much as possible on Pictures of the nation, its leader, and the event.

The Haitian people are suffering again as they have for generations, this time due to a major earthquake which has devastated the capital city of Portau Prince. Looking back by way of a horoscope done for the time of the inauguration of President Rene Preval, the possibility of more major problems for this benighted country during Preval’s term might have been predicted.

• His swearing-in time is approximate. The ceremony was scheduled for 11:00 am, but he arrived 40 minutes late. We have set his oath taking at 12:10 pm which puts 29 degrees at the four angles. The Last Degree. This arrangement can picture among other things the potential for endings, death, and catastrophic changes.

• Of similar if not more significance is the placement of the Sun, which is the Ruler of the Chart (Leo being on the Ascendant). The Sun, stationed close to the Midheaven, is at 23 + degrees of Taurus, a little over 2 degrees from the fixed star Algol.

Algol is named for the Gorgon’s Head: the one which Perseus cut off with his scythe. Thus, it is the sign of death by decapitation (it is important in charts for 911) which fits a country which has essentially lost its head, the capital and palace. News reports also suggest that the country has been leaderless as well as headless during the crisis, if not before. Preval is reported to have stayed away from the Presidential Palace for months into his term. He is characterized as an aloof, disengaged technocrat.

Preval’s Presidency will surely be remembered for this earthquake, however things turn out. The decapitation of the country occurred with Algol stationed at the MC - top of the chart. That has “been on top” since May 2006.

This leads to other Pictorial Signatures:

• The North Node of Destiny (Dragon’s Head) is placed in aggressive Aries in the 8th house of death, karma and regeneration. (The latter - powers of regeneration - may give hope for the future of Haiti.)

• Mars, ruler of Aries, is conjunct Juno in Cancer (the masses) in the 11th. Juno by itself can denote terrorism. Its glyph suggests to the author fireworks and explosives. (Take a moment to consider the symbol. Any other possible meaning come to mind?) Being conjunct Mars adds to its potency which was surely shown by this earthquake. The whole family (Cancer) particularly the poor ones have been affected.

• Mars is part of a Grand Trine in this chart. All planets are expansive and eruptive - Mars, Uranus and Jupiter - and together indicate lots of energy waiting to be released.

• Amazingly, three “luminaries” are placed at 12 degrees (the date of the quake). Venus in the deadly 8th, Jupiter in Scorpio - archetypally placed in the 8th, and the Black Moon in the first house of identity.

• These three make an exact Yod - Finger of Fate - pointing at the 8th house. More reason to believe in destiny.

•The Moon and Pluto are in Sagittarius and point to - shoot at - the 8th as well.

The above chart could have been made for other events and other places on May 14, 2006. Portau Prince, Haiti, was the focus of the eventual earthquake seemingly foretold here. Why Haiti? That is not for us to know. However, we can know that the occurrence was not by chance as shown by all these pointers.

Haiti Earthquake

The second chart is set for 4:53 pm on Jan 12, 2010, the moment the earthquake shook Portau Prince. Let’s see what we can find.

• The Midheaven is at 8 degrees. 8 is a potent and suggestive number. It is the number of the Christ Principle through which “all things were made.” The same force depicted by 8 is involved in destruction, explaining why the 8th house is called the house of death.

• Juno in Aries is set within MINUTES of the Midheaven. Consider again the glyph for Juno. It gives a clear picture of the nature of this underground event which exploded on the surface in Haiti. Juno is also the focus of a Yod. Another Finger of Fate from the asteroids Vesta in Virgo and Pallas in Scorpio.

• Interestingly, a recent conjunction of the North Node, Sun, Venus in Capricorn occurred on January 11 exactly opposite the Juno-Mars placement in the previous chart.

• The earthquake occurred hours before a solar eclipse. A country, a people, a capital and a president have been eclipsed. What more?

• This chart has an 8th house Stellium - Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron plus Black Moon - all in Aquarius. The writer has been watching the first three as they have been running - sometimes walking (retrograde) - together for many months now. He believes that this constellation of planets is playing a part in the swine flu epidemic and other personal and national phenomena. He thinks that their 8th house placement along with the Black Moon in this chart well describe the electrifying shakeup that hit Portau Prince.

• Mars in the 2nd house opposes this 8th house stellium and adds to its potency.

• Saturn sits conjunct the Nadir in Libra. Can you see the rising of forces from deep within the Earth ex-pressing through at 8 degrees in Libra?

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