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Britney SPEARS    

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Britney Spears Horoscope    

Britney Spears has been in the spotlight for many years, more and more recently because of her mental instability, drug abuse, acting out, and “affairs” with the paparazzi. The latter sometimes turn on whether she gets “enough chase today.”

While no chart reading can explain fully any person’s mental or physical illness, Britney’s gives many clues as to her susceptibility to extremes and mania. Plentiful pictorial hints and astrological signatures may allow the reader to learn and Spears to gather some insight.

(Britney’s chart reminds the writer of the horoscope of the REAL Shakespeare. Sagittarius is prominently displayed for both of them.)

X - The name SPEARS is a major clue to the good, the bad and the ugly about her. Let the reader look closely and see the plethora of SPEARS in her 3rd house. (Uranus is practically there as well as are two asteroids -Vesta and Juno - which are not shown.)

This stellium helps make her “shockingly beautiful” (she is a #10 - Sun at 10 degrees) and supports her formidable presence. Britney lives and acts and speaks (3rd house) as a vibrant modern starlet (Sun loosely conjunct Neptune). “I’m a put-on-a-show kind of girl.”

But, all this Sagittarius now overwhelms her. (Sagittarius in Pluto has been transiting her 3rd house with pressures building for over a dozen years. It now passes into Capricorn and her 4th, giving some relief.) She is clearly out of balance as is her chart. (Entering adulthood brings forth more of her chart and its challenging energies. This chart would be a test for any soul.) All these spears push her to the edge. She is “out there” with little to hold her back. Britney is like a “train running off the rail.” (This phrase may give a metaphorical picture of all those Sagittarius glyphs in her chart.) The crucible of fame helped point her in that direction, but Spears likely would have gotten to this state under other circumstances.

With nothing or no one to hold her back, life has become Chaos which was the name of her reality TV show with former husband, Kevin Federline. Chaos undoubtedly reigned in her marriage as well as her TV show. Her hit songs and albums give further clues about what did and does go on inside Britney Spears: Toxic, Outrageous, Blackout, Ruthless, etc. And now, she is in the midst of a road show called Circus.

X - Bold and brash Jupiter at 1 degree of Scorpio is conjunct her 2nd house cusp suggesting the engrossing serpent of sex in her life. This is reinforced by her Chiron (wound and healing) in Taurus in the 8th house. Ms. Spears is only beginning to recognize her sexual power. Hopefully, she will be able to transform some of it as her friend Madonna has.

X - Of equal significance is the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Libra in her 1st house. Here is the “liberated” female entertainer who both reigns as “Queen Britney” and is laden down by the wonder and stresses of celebrity. (Saturn sits upon her Pluto. Her sense of freedom is only fleeting. Much of her behavior is quite unconscious [Pluto]).

This situation is reiterated by her Moon in Aquarius in the 5th. Britney is freewheeling about her affairs, but there is a price to pay as shown by the Moon’s aspects with Saturn and Jupiter. She is only just beginning to pay. Her Saturn return coming up will bring many more challenges and changes.

X - Another major part of Britney’s persona is expressed by her Mars in Virgo in the 12th. Here is the Virgin warrior and the repressed Vixen hidden away. “She was queen of the ghost moves.” Those moves have become blatant and disturbing, trauma-producing and scary. Britney just can’t contain herself. Which brings her back to the 12th house, the house of institutions and hospitals.

Spears is caught in the wonder of her outer success. “It’s hard to be this hot.” But, she ultimately can’t win at this game. The machine always wins.

Britney Spears is “the most vivid representation of the excess of the past decade.” Excess abounds now, but not forever. Neither for Hollywood nor for Wall Street. Sagittarius is in excess, but not alone in the 21st century world.

The ultimate problem is very simple, “The girl doesn’t know who she is.” (That can be said about many, many people.) The potential for her to come out of her downward spiral lies within herself. Her many gifts include a Grand Trine.

X - Placed in the mystical 4-8-12 houses are Venus, Chiron and Mars in earth signs. Here lies the source of much of her charisma and beauty and appeal. Here also lies part of her entrapment. Here too lies the grounding she sadly needs.

Venus as the ruler of her chart lies conjunct her South Node in the 4th house. If she can mobilize this great triangle and focus her forces on family (she has two children) and roots (wherever that might lead her), Britney Spears may find her way out of her very painful and persistent dilemma.

If all else fails (which it may), Britney can fall back on her Libra Ascendant and search for its real meaning in her life and being.

(X stands for an astrological signature)

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