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Bryce Dick

Sword and Anchor Along the Way

Bryce Dick is a man mature beyond his 23 years. A young man with experience under his belt, a mission to serve and his eye toward God. A graduate of HHS, Bryce has been the Youth Pastor at Faith Chapel Assembly of God Church in Harlowton for the past three years. Pastor Dick is determined to influence young people in his church and community as others have touched him.

His own energies were focused and honed by two years of training at the Montana Master’s Commission in Helena. The MMC is also the place where he met Lindsay Johnson, his future wife.

Lindsay was a year ahead of Bryce in the program and one of the leaders for his group in its first year. Bryce went on to work and study in the 2nd-year leadership training phase, but opted out of the internship.

The Master’s Commission was started by Tommy Barnett and the Assemblies of God Church in Phoenix. The Assemblies sponsors most of the post high school discipleship trainings. Five to 10 students form a class or team.

Dick remembers the Master’s Commission from a number of angles. “It’s like what Bible College used to be. Bible College is now more like going to university with an emphasis on the Bible. At the Master’s Commission, we studied the Bible relentlessly, verse for verse.”

Master’s Commission started each day with two or more hours of physical training, “lots of running. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost. We were learning endurance and to persevere when things get hard. Most of us are used to things that are easy. We put in some long days.”

After PT, the team generally spent an hour in prayer followed by Bible study led by the Helena pastor, Dan Dobbins, and other teachers. Afternoons were involved in work projects. Evenings included meals together at least three nights a week, small group meetings, and a Saturday night service - often with music.

Music was a big part of Bryce’s time at the Master’s Commission as he played drums during church services. He was also a member of the group called Casey Jones Diary during his first year. Five guitar players shared drummer and bassist duties, wrote songs, and used their talents as an opportunity to minister to the youth community in Helena. They made a New Year’s trip to Harlowton to share their music as well.

Dick’s first year involved a lot of traveling and ministering. This included a Montana bike trip from Troy to ND (across the Highline) over 14 days in October.

In February, Bryce went off to the International Master’s Commission meeting in Phoenix, AZ. Eventually traveling to El Paso, TX, and Juarez, Mexico, where he and others ministered to people who LIVE IN A GIANT DUMP. “They manage to eke out a living from the material they scavenge there.” Much of the refuse is shipped across the border from the USA.

That was Bryce’s “first time out of the country. Lindsay took us to the markets. She taught me how to barter.”

Also in the first year, Bryce joined a whirlwind mission tour in April - involving three groups totaling 20 people. Youth with a Mission They covered 12 countries in 21 days including a stop at the Vatican. “We were there when the white smoke went up to show that a new pope had been chosen.”

Not a cushy trip, “we carried our sleeping bags and slept wherever we could.”

“During our first year, our team made a trip to Harlowton to the church here and helped with Dick Larson’s Provisions International. We generally try to plug into other ongoing programs.”

At the end of his first year, Bryce and school-friend Jason took a trip to New Zealand. “I wanted to meet the people and see the country. We stayed at the Auckland AG Church and worked with them for a week. We preached at an evening service. Then, we went off for another week of backpacking.”

In the second year, more time was spent at the local church in Helena. “The program is continually changing, adapting to needs of the students. In the second year, some of the students were there to stay out of jail. So, it was a totally different experience. A much more growing and rewarding experience - for me.”

“The first year was all about me and my experience. It did help me to get outside myself. The second year was harder but more fulfilling because I was able to help other people on their journey.”

A large audience of family and friends attended the ceremonies at the end of their training years. At the graduation ceremony after the first year, students were presented with globes symbolizing their field of service. Second year, they were commissioned with Scottish Claymore Swords. “It was a powerful moment. We each had chosen a scripture passage, were touched with the blade of the sword, and commissioned to go into the world ‘baptizing, preaching and teaching.’ It was like being knighted.”

Bryce’s scripture on his commissioning was First Corinthians 13. Today, he uses the early chapters of Matthew as his focus. Thus, relating more to the teachings of Jesus than Paul. The Sermon on the Mount especially. “It gives me more grounding.”

Why not a third year? “Because of my wanderlust. I’m curbing it now.”

Wanderlust? “I like to see the world. I would like to see the whole world. I love to see new places and get lost in another culture where I don’t know the language. I know, however, that being in one place makes it possible to contribute more and have a deeper influence.”

Master’s Commission training is not inexpensive and costs vary from year to year. But, is less costly than college. Maybe 50 percent. Bryce lived with a family which belonged to the Helena AG Church.

Today, Bryce Dick leads the Faith Chapel Youth Program: He works mainly with junior and high school students. “We have a service on Wednesday evening often with music. Sunday night we have a more in-depth discipleship gathering which requires more commitment from those who attend.

“We are working to develop a Street Team. Eventually, we want to engage the culture around us and spread the message. Meet people and pray with them. We will be going to Billings to the Rescue Mission and the Women and Children’s Shelter. We want to be real Christians, not just go to church.”

Pastor Dick also teaches a Sunday School youth class, helps with Vacation Bible School and Church Camps. He preaches once a month. He goes to Monday staff meetings with Pastor Mike Kent and his wife Lee Ann and Lindsay. Bryce is presently working through the Berean School of the Bible to become a certified pastor in the Assemblies of God Church.

Pastor Dick is sporadic about his PT these days. “Most of my exercise has been out walking the golf course.” He is helping a Harlowton High student prepare to run in the Governor’s Cup Marathon. Bryce has also spurred Josh Barnhart, a recent HHS grad, to attend the Master’s Commission beginning in August.

Bryce is the middle child in the Dick family who farm and ranch north and east of Harlo. Ryan works for Midrivers in Lewistown, Caleb is a student at HHS, Bethelle is going to Evangel College and Danielle is married, expecting a baby and moving to Helena. “We used to run cows and sheep. Now, just cows. I like lambing. My favorite part of the work is harvest.”

The other major benefit of the Master’s Commission training was meeting Lindsay Johnson. Now Lindsay Dick. Bryce and Lindsay have been married three years..

“I pursued Lindsay because she seemed impossible to catch. For anyone to catch. She was intensely devoted to God and had no time for a relationship.

“Before we even got at all close, she had been intending - like Paul - just to serve God. But, she prayed about that and God opened her heart.

“A mutual friend told me, ‘I will have to find a new saint to pray to now that Lindsay is married.’”

“I wanted somebody who would be able to anchor me in a relationship with God.” Still Lindsay also loves to travel and the two can share God here, there, and most any place along the way.