Thinking in the Heart

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Most of us connect feelings with the heart even though much of our feeling nature is actually linked with the gut or belly. If we truly felt with the heart, would we not be much better able to relate to our neighbors and the world around us?

As a matter of course, we have to learn first how to think in concrete worldly ways before we can really think and also feel in the heart. Then, thinking in the heart comes as a result of striving towards the truth of our Selves and our Inner nature.

Thinking in the heart is another name for the higher aspect of the meditative process. When we can and do think in the heart, we relate our whole being to the life of all, including the One "in Whom we live and move and have our being." We are thence able to begin to "Think the thoughts of God."

Edison once said that, "Ideas come from space." Is not that space located within the heart of God? And, does not God hold great and wondrous possiblities for the advancement of the human race and for all forms in the heart of Divine Being?

As we learn to center our selves and meditate, we come into the awareness of things greater than our regular consciousness. We begin to contact the heart and mind of that great Entity who enlivens and ensouls us and also enter into a growing sense of who we truly are, of the purpose for the presence of our souls on this physical plane, and of the opportunities available to us to learn and to love. As the mystic artist-poet William Blake said, "We are put on earth for a little space to learn to bear the beams of love."

The best of meditations is meant to lead us progressively into the light of our Real Selves. Through meditation, we work to visualize not necessarily who we want to be, but rather who we are. As the process reaches fruition, we become intuitive and develop inner vision. We use the mind as a sense organ, just as we now use our eyes and ears, hands and noses and tongues. We utilize our developing faculties for the good of all our fellow humans and creatures.

Only as we grow into the ability to think in the heart do we also evolve "new eyes to see and new ears to hear." We actually blossom into the nature of sons and daughters of the Most High to join in the vast work of spiritualizing planet Earth and preparing for the Kingdom which is coming. We fulfill the symbolic expectations of Meister Eckhart:

The seed of God is in us.
Pear seeds grow into pear trees.
Nut seeds into nut trees.
And God seeds into God.
The work is cut out for us, whether we realize it or not. We must strive towards the reality of our Inner nature whether consciously or unconsciously. Through rightly designed meditation, we can and will hasten that process.

Many sources suggest that meditation is a universal requirement for advancement on the path. Most of us, have practiced it at one time or another. All will pick it up in one lifetime or the next. The Great Ones of past and present - known and prominent as well as hidden and apparently distant from us - are conceded to be dedicated meditators. It is even suggested that the Ancient of Days, God Almightly, 'sits' in constant meditation to keep the planet revolving and respiring.

So, let's begin or begin again. Commit yourself to the active, creative silence for a few minutes each day - regularity and rhythm are much more important than length of effort. Practice makes perfect. Find a quiet spot, relax your body, settle your feelings, and still your mind. Then, focus your whole being - heart and soul - on discovering your deeper Self, your connection with All beings, and your specialapparatus for contacting Higher Forces and for doing the work you were intended to do.

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