Moving It Around

"Walking isn't a lost art.
One must, by some means, get to the garage."
Evan Esar

Walking is one of those activities which has gone out of style more and more with the advance of time and technology. "A sad state of affairs," some say, and I am right in the midst of them. Such a cheap, simple, easily available means of transportation, recreation, and amusement. And, it's good for you and me.

About the only rational complaints to be made against it are one's unfitness and the lack of time to enjoy it. Ah, well, exercising legs and lungs by walking can actually improve one's fitness in a short time. The expenditure doesn't have to be large just regular.

"Practice makes . . ."

The time factor certainly can be valid in these days with many and varied demands on us. Ah, but, it often takes less time to walk across the road or parking lot than it does to get in the car and drive it there. And, how much time do we waste in any given day that we could spend moving our bodies, scanning the skyline, smelling the grass, the alfalfa, the hay, the sage, or the earth fresh from the rain.

Ah then, consider the extra rewards of ambulating the body in the countryside: We can meet neighbors coming and going. We can discover rural treasures varying from wild animals to wild flowers and just plain but beautiful weeds and plants. We can view the rivers and creeks and coulees closeup or the distant mountains in their ever-changing majesty. We can encounter remnants of past communities scattered around the county and area. We can get in touch with the nature which stands outside our front or back doors. And, we can get in touch with ourselves - clear out cobwebs and concerns, worries and wonderments. We can come to clearer thought processes, insights and even revelations.

Walking is a great way to travel both outwardly and inwardly. Why not give it another try one of these days?

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