Horse Sense

"When you hear hoofbeats, look for zebras not horses."

Well, you probably look for horses, but, believe it or not, medical students are taught to search for zebras. You see, much of medical training is devoted to exotic (and rare) diseases which are dramatic, well-defined and responsive to direct treatment. So, students and graduates get in the habit of looking for zebras. The medical establishment is at its best when diagnosing and handling such problems. Technology rises to met the challenge, results are impressive, and the public is pleased. Zebras (and zebra tamers) attract more attention than horses in most settings.

But as a matter of fact, common things are common. Common health problems are common, too. And, good old horse sense can go a long way in dealng with most of "What ails."

Orthodox medicine concedes that up to 90 percent of western illnesses are due, at least in part, to stress. The stresses of life are clearly implicated as contributing to ills ranging from the common cold to plain old asthma, regular headaches and typical back strains, everyday arthritis and endemic diverticulitis. But, present-day medicine has little relief, free of side-effects, to offer the public for most of these conditions. Much of modern therapy can actually be worse for your health than the illness itself.

Other contributors to common diseases are poor diet, overeating, lack of exercise, personal neglect, and substance abuse (alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and all manner of licit and illicit drugs). There is surely no ready medical remedy for any of these.
But, there are simple remedies you can use to help most ailments.

1) Practice patience. Remember, "This too shall pass."
2) Rest. Rest always has been and always will be cheap, safe and beneficial.
3) Eat lightly of nutritious food, drink lots of water, breathe fresh air, take in some sun.
4) Look at the stresses in your life. Reduce them or reframe the way you view them.
5) Think more positive thoughts and rein in the wild, harmful ones.
6) Remember, God loves you and Nature is the only true healer.
7) Use good horse sense when all else fails.

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