Healing Possibilities

"Some of the most exciting opportunities of our lives
come cleverly disguised as insoluble difficulties."
Bernie Siegel

The opportunity for healing comes to everyone, but, often in disguise.

I have been friends with a family of five in California for a dozen years. They are the most health-oriented, holistic bunch I know. They have long been vegetarian and eat largely organic, salt-free, fat-free, sugar-free food. Gosh, what's left?

Furthermore, the "Fam" exercises regularly - hiking, walking, jogging, swimming and skiing. They are a close-knit group and are quite good communicators. They attend church and are involved in various New Age practices.

More than this, the head of the family is an holistic physician of close to a decade and the mother has been doing marriage and family counseling for almost as long.

In this context, the mother (I call her Karen) recently had a totally unexpected seizure episode. Within days, she was diagnosed with a slow-growing brain tumor. Her traditional physicians could not recommend surgery, chemotherapy or Xray treatment. So, Karen and the Fam were turned back upon their own New Age thinking and holistic remedies to seek healing.

Karen charted a health regime including exercise, supplements, homeopathics, attendance at Christian healing services, and consultations with sundry practitioners. She also beganto journal using the Ira Progoff method.

Karen decided to "communicate" with her tumor on a daily basis when she was in a restful, meditative state. She received notebooks full of advice and information.

One of her most profound conversations with Tumor went like this:

Karen: When you go away, will I be healed?

Tumor: When you are healed, I will go away.

This insight may have healing value for all of us.

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