Getting a Life

"It's great to get well, but it's not the main thing. . . .
The main thing, I think, is to find a way to live
so that your life has real meaning."
Carol Boss

Problems create opportunities of one sort or another. As some wise one said centuries ago, "Necessity is the mother of invention." Well we human beings have gotten very inventive where illness is concerned. But unfortunately, we have invented all sorts of causes for our ailments, most of which point the finger outward.

We not only look for causes on the outside, but cures out there too, rather than looking within. In both instances, we give away our power leaving ourselves weak and dependent.

We lean on authorities who diagnose and label, manipulate and drug, radiate and operate on us. Most often this occurs with little real knowledge on their part of what is going on within the human frame and even less in the human mind and psyche.

Well, it's about time that we take up our pallets and walk. We need to take control of our own lives and our own possibilities. No one can really tell us what is going on inside with much accuracy. We are the final arbiters of our own existences - and that definitely includes our health and our diseas.

When we begin to work at healing ourselves, we also start to find deeper meaning in life, to become truly creative beings, and to make some waves of difference in our environs.

On asking Karen (previous article on Healing Possibilities), "Who will you be when you are healed?," she returned, "Oh, I will be an artist!"

For Karen, healing meant expansion and movement to include all fragments of herself and toward expressing her greater gifts. What step in growth is necessary for us to move toward healing?

To be healed, we need to see, to visualize, and to point ourselves into truer, deeper, broader states of health. Not simply as physically whole, but expressing that wholeness, truth and beauty which complements and supports communities beyond our separate bodies and limited selves.

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