Symbols of the Degrees of the Zodiac


Degree Wheeler Charubel Borelli Kozminsky
0-1 In a portrait, the significant features of a man's head are artistically emphasized. A wolf carrying away a lamb. A festival or occasion for the assembling together of villagers in gala costume. A traveling pilgrim leaning on his staff, which he holds in his left hand, addressing a small band of men and women.
1-2 A large white cross dominates the landscape. A man peeping around a corner at a company of armed men, who are in the act of reconnoitering. A solitary rock jutting up from a waste of sand. A waning moon in a sky, half of which is clear and studded with stars, and half of which is covered with dark clouds which herald an approaching storm.
2-3 Two guardian angels. An elephant with his castle on his back. A man in a skull-cap, busy at work with some scientific instruments. A young woman working at a spinning wheel by a cottage window, which opens on a smiling garden in which bees are flying amongst the flowers
3-4 Black and white children play together happily. A square patch of ground, resembling what might be set apart for lawn tennis, covered with red clorh, or what resembles such. A field of corn standing high and ripe. A bookbinder fastening covers on a number of unbound books.
4-5 A man becoming aware of nature spirits and normally unseen spiritual agencies. A very long, straight road, the terminus of which I do not see. A soldier prepared for battle. An artist working at a large piece of tapestry of charming design, which he has almost completed.
5-6 A merry-go-round.
A room full of machinery and jars of chemicals. A man and a woman playing together, with fruits, flowers, and wine upon a table beside them. A large ballroom in which men and women are dancing.
6-7 A harem. A person with wig and gown. A man and woman standing with their backs to one another. A man in ceremonial robes, with a circlet about his brow, holding the emblem of life — the Crux ansata — in the air.
7-8 A five-year-old child takes a first dancing lesson. A coach heavily laden with passengers. A woodland scene, at the back of which there stands a tower upon a hill. A man, holding a pen in his right hand and a sword in his left, standing at the entrance to a palace.
8-9 An expressionist painter at work. Four long posts at right angles forming a four square: and four rails fastened horizontally to the top of each. It looks like the rude framework of some temprorary building, or "shanty." A stagnant pool filled with weeds and rank verdure. A sack of corn, from a hole in which the grain is falling out.
9-10 Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows. The Mundane Cross. A bag of money upon a table, near to which stands a dark woman masked. A sibyl in a cave, seated on a tripod beneath which is a cloud of smoke. The leaves of fate are flying into the open air through the mouth of the cavern.
10-11 In her baby a mother sees her deep longing for a son answered. A pyramid of red, very conspicuously situated on a large open plane. A man’s hand, with the index finger pointing upward as if in command. A king, seated in a chariot drawn by two stags, throwing coins to some peasants who are singing on the roadside.
11-12 After the wedding, the groom snatches the veil away from his bride. Several figures of eight in a row, thus:
8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8.
A woman blindfold, and a man leading her. A horseman holding with difficulty a rearing horse.
12-13 A powerful statesman overcomes a state of political hysteria. A naked infant, exposed, sleeping alone in an open and dreary place. Around and above that helpless form are beasts and birds of prey. But, by some strange power, unseen, this embodied picture of innocence is protected. A broad tract of open fields under the moon’s rays; a river winds its way through them. A large black cloud, around which are bright silver lights.
13-14 An aristocratic family tree. A fine horse, with curved neck and flowing mane, prancing in the pride of his strength. A man mining in the rock with a pickaxe. A torn document, old and crinkled, on which is a large black seal.
14-15 A fine lace handkerchief, heirloom from valorous ancestors. A man standing, resting lightly on the end of his bow, with his quiver full of arrows on his back. A beautiful woman nesting two doves upon her breast, one in each hand. A radiant rainbow, in the center of which is the sun in its brightness.
15-16 In the zoo, children are brought face to face with an orangutan. A man wading through mud knee deep.  The opposite bank towards which he is struggling is enveloped in fog. Several men in festive attire assembled together are talking. A fire emitting flames of beautiful color- blends.
16-17 A volcanic eruption. A person being carried by four men in a sedan chair. An old man cutting grapes in a vineyard. An astrologer seated at a desk, his head resting on his left hand, judging a nativity.
17-18 An Ouija board. An angle of 45 degrees. An old white-headed man surrounded by happy children. A man, supporting a little girl, swimming toward, the shore in a rough sea.
18-19 A swimming race. A strong farmer's cart, and a horse to match. The cart is loaded with farmyard manure. A husbandman or cattle-dealer holding a stock whip in his hand. A rough fire mountain, from several parts of which smoke is rising. On one of the slopes laborers are
19-20 A caravan of cars headed to the west coast. A lion whose head is the only part exposed. Two men fencing with swords. A man in black stands aside watching them. A great grey warship with her decks cleared ready for action.
20-21 A girls' basketball team. An ostrich. A man carrying a money bag in each hand. A man burning a will as he triumphantly looks towards another lying on a table.
21-22 A royal coat of arms enriched with precious stones. An extensive forest: in the distance, the sun just peeping above the horizon and flooding the tops of the trees with his glowing rays. A well-favored woman, but of evil aspect, stands before a mirror. Nymphs and fauna in the midst of Bacchanalian orgies in the woods.
22-23 A lion tamer displays his skill and character. I see rings of light in the heavens; ring within ring, or zone within zone. A ship in full sail. The Virgin Astraa, with bandaged eyes, being away by the angels from the world flooded with blood,
misery, injustice, and crime.
23-24 Mary had a little lamb. A large assembly room. A large audience and a man at the piano. A man sitting naked upon a sea-girt rook, covering his eyes with his hands. A colossal giant holding a woman in his hand.
24-25 A flag at half-mast in front of a public building. A golden ball suspended formt he ceiling of a circular hall. Crossed swords, over which is seen a crown. A man, from whose forehead streams a dazzling white light, passing through a fiery valley, at the end of which are beautiful lawns, flowers, and trees bathed in brilliant sunlight.
25-26 A boy with a censer serves the priest near the altar. A man climbing a steep hill in the dark, allured by a light he sees illuminating the summit. Two women walking together with linked arms talking confidentially. An antique temple of the Muses built on a rock, over which flows an enchanting fall of clear sparkling
26-27 A group of aristocratic ladies meet ceremonially at a court's function. I see nothing but sunshine; all is bright – a cloudless sky. A broken hammer or mallet, lying upon a, carpenter’s bench. A newspaper critic seated in a theatre watching a performance
27-28 A bald-headed man who has seized power. A man in shirt sleeves turning a big wheel. A wide-branching tree laden with fruit. A gang of stevedores loading a vessel with product.
28-29 A seeker after occult knowledge is reading an ancient scroll which illumines his mind. A bird perched on the top of a hght tree, welcoming the day-dawn with its song. A man attired as a cardinal of the church. A crescent moon shining with especial brightness in a blue, star-crowded sky.
29-30 Totally intent upon completing an immediate task, a man is deaf to any allurement. A country scene; on the right hand a large tract of land enveloped in gloom and fog; on the left the scenery is all sunshine. A man standing, either headless, or with the head shrouded in black cloth. A heap of bright yellow oranges blown from the tree by the wind.

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