Symbols of the Degrees of the Zodiac


0-1A clear mountain stream.A black diamond-shaped figure.A woman of pleasant face, neatly attired, stands holding a sword, whose point is earthward. Her head is kissed by the meridian Sun, her face is towards the north.A grey vapor surrounding a bush of red roses upon which is a brilliantly colored butterfly.
1-2An electrical storm.A large figure 2 comes before my vision.A man lying upon the ground in the last moments of life. The Sun is setting amid clouds.A heart crowned on the summit of a barren rock jutting out of the ocean—a bevy of white seabirds speeding towards it from the east in crescent form.
2-3Natural steps lead to a lawn of clover in bloom.A double cross; two lines parallel in the upright, and two parallel in the horizontal.A woman is gathering grapes, with which she fills many baskets.A man tossing handfuls of seed to the earth, which, as soon as they touch, fructify and incline towards him.
3-4The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.A ram standing alone, looking towards a flock of sheep in the distance.A burning brand beneath the paw of a lion, whose rage is against it.The arena of a circus during a night performance, the ringmaster in the center urging forward the movements of a large white horse galloping round the ring, a lady gymnast standing on the animal’s back holding a hoop of fire.
4-5A woman at an open grave.A boat on a large lake, it might be a big river; two men are rowing in it.A man of benevolent countenance stands near to a cottage chopping wood. Around him are orchards well filled with fruit. Near to him is a sheep grazing.Two young men carrying huge bunches of large grapes on a pole between them, giving freely of the fruit to troops of children.
5-6Cantilever bridge across a deep gorge.
A large elliptical figure on the ground, and a man standing upright within.A man in the prime of life stands upon a dais, holding in his right hand a scroll of papers; upon his head is a laurel wreath.A judge in his robes of office handing a book to a student, who is stretching out his hands to receive it.
6-7The woman of Samaria at the ancestral well.A horrid sight! a naked man suspended by feet, to a cross-beam, mutilated, and the blood running down the body.A well-favoured cow, grazing in a park, in the shade of two trees.A beautiful white swan swimming on a smooth lake edged by lilies and grasses and pretty little wild flowers.
7-8A sleigh on land uncovered by snow.Two swords forming a cross lying on the ground, and a man standing on them with a sceptre pointing heavenward.An old man, poorly clad, stands by the side of a river, from which he collects bits of wood and straw with a rake.A leafless tree, on a plain, bending before a violent gale of wind, which whistles wildly through the branches.
8-9A fully decorated Christmas tree.A new Moon, on a very dark sky.A portly man, walking among pigeons, which flock upon the ground at his feet.A farmer driving a cart filled with fruit, at which birds are pecking.
9-10A Red Cross nurse.A large glass ball, or globe. It is capable of receiving the images of the stars in space, as well as reflecting the panorama of the earth.An ox, lying upon the ground asleep, in the sunshine. Upon its back two birds are perched.A daintily dressed woman sitting by a placid lake, gazing intently at a man’s face reflected in the water.
10-11A woman watering flowers in her garden.A large water-wheel attached to a corn mill.A man seated on a throne, holding a sceptre, crowned, and with signs of wealth around him.A monk on a rocky road giving drink and food to a poor traveler who has fallen by the way. A rayed anchor above his head.
11-12A young couple window shopping.A scrawl or flourish of the pen.A flower of a bright orange tint, upon which two butterflies are resing and fanning their wings. Two diggers working on a mountain-slope unearth a large mass of glittering gold
12-13A porter carrying heavy baggage.A fork, resembling a farmyard implement, with four prongs.Two dogs running, one carrying a bone, the other in pursuit of it.A judge in a court of law frowning at a man holding up a document.
13-14On the beach, children play while shellfish grope at the edge of the water.An anchor unattached to any vessel's chain, but lying with its hook fast to a rock, the cable broken.A table upon which a right angle and a plane are lying.A virgin clothed in white, with a bright star above her head, joining the hands of two men about to quarrel.
14-15Head covered with a rakish silk hat, muffled against the cold, a man braves a storm.A dark and sombre curtain hanging form a horizontal pole which covers the mouth of a dark cavern in a rock.A venerable man seated in an uncertain light; before him are several books, and various instruments surround him.A student with lamp in hand, standing at the entrance of a cavern from which issue clouds of soft, light, rosy Vapor.
15-16An old teacher fails to interest his pupils in traditional knowledge.A natural well surrounded with moss, low shrubs, and briars. The water is clear as crystal and cold as ice. The immediate locality is dry and barren.Two white cows are standing together in a jungle; behind them is a tiger ready to spring.A white dove, adorned with a rose-colored ribbon to which is attached a little bell, standing on the right shoulder of a man drinking wine.
16-17A symbolical battle between "swords" and "torches".A very small cottage at the base of a very high mountain, where jutting rocks appear to overhang the cottage perpetually threatening its destruction.A man swimming in the river against the current and making no progress.A sea-gull flying over the waters of the ocean.
17-18A woman airing an old bag through the open window of her room.A man beatening an ass with a stick.Two bulls are seen fighting together.A gaudily dressed herald blowing a trumpet, at the sound of which two knights, one on a white charger, the other on a black, rush towards each other with set spears.
18-19A new continent rising out of the ocean.A large star in the western sky, half as large as the moon, but more brilliant. Its rays appear to be confined to one spot. The surrounding sky is dark.A woman, lightly clad, is lying in a field, surrounded by violet-coloured flowers.An archer, dressed in red, firing arrows at the Moon.
19-20Wisps of wing-like clouds streaming across the sky.A large flag on a flag-staff, fixed on the top of a very high mountain.A crow, or raven, stands upon a water-pot.A flight of white eagles.
20-21A finger pointing to a line in an open book.A stile.An owl, perched on a tree, in the branches of which a snake is coiled.A race-horse with the number 3 on his saddlecloth entering a course.
21-22White dove flying over troubled waters.A pair of shears.A field of rich grass in which stands a tree. A swarm of bees encircle the tree.Hand holding a torch amidst the darkness.
22-23A jewelry shop filled with valuable gems.A smelting furnace.A king sits upon a throne; behind him stands a figure veiled in black.St. Michael slaying the Dragon in a shower of black rain.
23-24An Indian warrior riding fiercely, human scalps hanging from his belt.I seem to be above the earth; I see the sun ascending above the horizon, while it is yet dark on that hemisphere towards which it is approaching.A bed of a dried-up river, wherein crows (black birds) are feeding.A prisoner having escaped from his prison is endeavoring to break his fetters with the aid of some large flinty stones.
24-25A vast public park.A dark, moving column, it stands very high.A lion rampant, standing upon an elevated ground.A dense column of smoke from which issue flashes of lightning.
25-26A Spanish gallant serenades his beloved.An elephant.A fair woman, leading a child by the hand, and gathering flowers by the way.A giant of benevolent aspect, with his foot on a broken sword, tearing up the laws of the world by which men have been governed for centuries. Behind him are broken bags of golden coins, which are falling in a shower over a precipice.
26-27An old Indian woman selling the artifacts of her tribe to passersby.A dark cloud passing over a part of the earth. This cloud is charged with elemental shapes, most hideous and repulsive.An alchemist at work in his laboratory; upon his table is much gold.An inventor having risen from his bench gazes admiringly at a remarkable engine which he has just completed.
27-28A woman, past her "change of life" experiences a new love.A very straight road; an interminable perspective.A man is seen climbing a pole which is set upon an elevation.A woman looking into a crystal ball in which confused images are reflected.
28-29Two cobblers working at a table.A crucifix.A powerful man, holding a scourge in his right hand, and driving two slaves in manacles.A man at a cross-road. Above him are two spirits, one black and the other white. Each strives to impress him, but his mind is too perplexed to understand either.
29-30A peacock parading on the terrace of an old castle.A very rough sea, a wreck; the life-boat is despatched; all are finally rescued.A dark man, richly apparelled, and surrounded by servants and courtiers, reclines on a couch.A huge ironstone rolling down a mountain-side strikes a dump of hard flint, causing a bright fiery flash.

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