Symbols of the Degrees of the Zodiac







0-1A woman just risen from the sea; a seal is embracing her.A man plowing in the midst of a boundless plain.A strong man standing, dressed in skins or heavy, loose and coarse material – the shoulders  almost bare. In his hand he bears a club.A ball of fire bursting across a rainbow.
1-2A comedian reveals human nature.A man in a very dark room, sitting at table, with books, papers, and mathematical instruments distributed promiscuously.A man standing, armed with sword and spear, richly dressed in scarlet and purpole with jewelled clasps, and helmet of fine brass or gold – apparently prepared for battle and confident of victory.A man with a sword in his hand falling through a skylight of colored glass.
2-3The cameo profile of a man, suggesting the shape of his country.A man, rushing along on horseback, sword in hand, to meet a company of armed men.A woman sitting in a chair as if conversing with someone. Her hands are folded lightly upon her lap, her face a pleasant, smiling expression. She is loosely habited in a Grecian robe, her neck and arms are bare.A prince saving a child from a burning castle
3-4Two lovers strolling on a secluded walk.A man covered with decorations and ornaments of the most gorgeous kinds. He is standing in the midst of a garden abounding in fruit trees, flowers and fountains. The Sun is shining brightly, and he appears to enjoy himself amazingly, with self-admiration.A wood, in which much wild under growth abounds, and many plants of different kinds and colours.A mailed hand holding a dagger with a bent point.
4-5A triangle with wings.A large iron cross lying on the ground. All looks dark, sad, and gloomy. There is perfect stillness in the scene; not a ruffle; not a sound of any kind.A person climbing a rock in the midst of a fierce storm. Flashes of lightning reveal the figure in dark outline. He appears strong and climbs well.A feudal knight in full armor standing on the walls of his castle defying a multitude of armed people— a mysterious figure at the back of the crowd strikes a note on a curious six-stringed harp, the massive walls crumble and fall, and the defier is at the mercy of the defied.
5-6A square, with one of its sides brightly illumined,I see green everywhere; every object is a dull green. At the same time everything is on the move.A man riding upon a horse near to the edge of a cliff, and looking down into a valley where people are at work.A metal smith in his workshop fixing a silver caduceus of Mercury in a base of copper. Around are scattered various metals and instruments.
6-7A man succeeds in expressing himself simultaneously in two realms.A large forest of big oaks; no underwood; all is clear beneath; hence a spacious vista presents itself, affording plenty of scope for wandering.A fox running along a path beneath the shadow of a wall.A man saving himself from falling into a deep cavern by clutching a wild rose-tree. The thorns cut into his flesh, but the plant supports him.
7-8A large woman's hat with streamers blown by an east wind.I see the earth covered with a deep snow; not a vestige of vegetable or animal life to be seen.A man surrounded by others seeking a quarrel.A silver axe shattering a shield of iron.
8-9A crystal gazer.A straight road, going in a direct line up to a point from which lead a number of branch roads, parting in for differetntdirections. There is a finger-post which points but one way – the primal way, the direct one, alluded to.A man standing upn a lofty place with his arms folded and his head erect.A Roman general gaudily appareled receiving a wreath of flowers from an empress.
9-10A teacher gives new symbolic forms to traditional images.A large glass ball, or globe. It is capable of receiving the images of the stars in space, as well as reflecting the panorama of the earth.A man on horseback standing alone in the middle of a battle field where around him lie the dead and dying.A ship illumined with the rosy rays of morning sailing towards the rising sun.
10-11The ruler of a nation.A man with a large telescope, which he employs chiefly in looking at things in his immediate surroundings, and what lies on the earth. The most remarkable thing is, that he is looking at the large end of the instrument.A woman of beautiful countenance, standing along, and but half covered with a robe which falls from the left shoulder.A little child tying a ribbon round a lamb’s neck, the flock playfully frolicking around.
11-12A triangularly shaped flight of wild geese.A labyrinth.A man leading two children by the hands. A Druid cutting the from the scared oak with a sickle of silver.
12-13An unexploded bomb reveals an unsuccessful social protest.An inverted triangle immersed in a dark fog; slowly this fog clear away, and the triangle becomes a bright blue, imbedded in gold.A man at the summit of a mountain illumined by the setting sun; holding a staff in his right hand, in his left a crown.A bright steel cross-sword with a handle of gleaming copper, above it a heart of gold from which stream shafts of golden light.
13-14A serpent coiling near a man and a woman.A Sun rising in the south-east quarter of the heavens, a little further south than that point which the Sun occupies at the winter solstice.A man out in mid-ocean of a raft, famished and in pitiable distress.A man standing on a mountain gazing sadly on the valley below, where some men are fighting for a bag of gold whilst a monkey is eating their food. On his right is the spirit of Truth; on his left the spirit of Error; seated at his feet is the spirit of Love; behind him, holding on to his garment, is the spirit of Hale.
14-15An Indian weaving a ceremonial blanket.A black, or very dark, curtain, like a pall, which seems to defy my vision.A man struggling in the water with a broken footbridge above his head.A Crusading knight with red cross on white corselet sinking in the quicksand, an Arab mocking at him from the safe ground he has left.
15-16Nature spirits are seen at work in the light of sunset.A man with a sheaf of corn under one arm, and a sickle under the other.A youth, book in hand, wanders apparently through a glade overhung with the branches of surrounding trees. The sunlight is slanting through the trees, and falling upon the figure of the student.Wild flowers growing amidst the corn in a sunlit field.
16-17Two dignified spinsters sitting in silence.A ship in mid-ocean; a boundless expanse of water. It is a merchant ship.A woman holding scales, containing on the one side a cup of red wine, on the other a number of golden coins.A beautiful woman, richly dressed, reclining on a couch, with fruits and golden vessels around her. At her hand, on an ornate table of white marble, lies an opened book.
17-18An empty hammock stretched between two trees.A battle-field where two contending armies are engaged in deadly conflict.A man and woman standing hand in hand, looking with affection towards one another.The goddess Venus holding out her hands to a wounded soldier, who is painfully trying to reach her.
18-19The "magic carpet" of oriental imagery.A country site at the foot of a mountain with many small dwellings thereon. There are coal-pits in the locality. A poor woman is nursing a baby; she is weeping, having just been made a widow.An old man, dressed in a simple and much worn gown, carrying tow bags of gold clasped at his breast with nervous hands.A harp resting against an altar, from which a volume of smoke arises.
19-20A young girl feeding birds in winter.A man on the ground with his throat cut.A man equipped for a rough journey, belted and armed.A blacksmith hammering a piece of red-hot iron on an anvil.
20-21A pugilist enters the ring.A shovel standing near an open grave, in which I see a man digging.A strong and prosperous-looking man stands with arms extended forward, holding in his hands a bowl full of wine.A man struggling with a fierce serpent whilst others armed with large knives are hurrying to aid him.
21-22The gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires.A place of amusement with music, dancing, and singing on the programme. A very large ball-room.A man of tottering and uncertain gait, carrying water which he spills on the ground.A pilgrim crossing himself in front of an ancient temple, an overdressed official and a soldier mocking him.
22-23A pregnant woman in light summer dress.A comet with a very long tail, pointing towards the earth.A man standing with a tankard in his hand ready to drink. Two others standing apart, talking together, with averted faces.A king absorbed in the flatteries of a courtier whose mistress is stealing important documents from a drawer.
23-24Blown inward by the wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a cornucopia.A green field surrounded by shrubberies; a nice villa on the north-east side of the field.A man playing with coloured balls, an immodest woman standing behing him.A youth grasping a beautiful woman, who turns into a skeleton in his arms.
24-25The possibility for man to gain experience at two levels of being.An out-house with a dark loft, to which a ladder conducts the homeless ones.A man of powerful form, riding upon a restive horse, whose mouth is curbed.An old man with a scythe cutting down a field of nettles.
25-26A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.
A person born wth this degree ascending will make a discovery; a new idea will dawn on the world through his agency.
A kingly person, presenting a sceptre to one kneeling.The governor of a city surrendering the keys to a dark frowning conqueror.
26-27Through imagination a lost opportunity is regained.A man in a garden, pruning trees.A man, richly attired, having lost his foothold, is falling to the ground.A huge hour-glass, the sands in which are running low.
27-28A large audience confronts the performer who disappointed its expectations.A farmyard, with a lot of cows. A woman milking a cow.A fair woman, richly attired, stands alone.A lapidary holding In his hand a magnificent amethyst, at which he gazes admiringly.
28-29The music of the spheres.Two men engaged in a fight.A man of humble appearance, but much strength, felling a tree with an axe.An artist laying a mosaic pavement in a large public building. He works slowly and with great
29-30A duck in a pond with its brood.A man wheeling a barrow load of earth over a hollow run.A horseman, armed as if for battle, is watching the waning moon.A man endeavoring to subdue a raging forest fire with a pail of water.

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