Neptune and Pisces

We are always going through cycles. It is easy to notice the daily, monthly, seasonal and yearly ones. But the astrological ones overlap and blur, so that we hardly notice them.

Still, the effects of the outer planet cycles as they affect groups and nations are almost discernible. Especially when those planets pass through the signs which they govern.

For instance:

• Pluto recently passed through Scorpio - 1983 to 1996. A few days ago, my friend Loren posed a question about the huge increase in surgeries in recent years shortly after complaining about the plutocratic times we are living in. He got me to thinking and I sent him an email:

“You talked about Plutocracy. Well, modern plutocracy - recently
exaggerated - is connected to rampant surgeries astrologically through

“Pluto has to do with many things including - Power which in this time
is largely focused through money. Pluto also rules Scorpio which is
the sign of the Surgeon, the Warrior, the Blade Man, etc.

“So, Pluto passed through its own sign of Scorpio in mid 80s to mid 90s
which may - in some ways have been the "peak" of these things. The
peak of the ‘impress’ so to speak of those higher energies.

“Pluto and Scorpio (Phoenix in its higher aspect) also have very
spiritual potentials, but materialism has a huge grasp on moderns. Got
'em by the balls in more than metaphorical ways. Because Pluto and Scorpio are also about sex, life, birth, rebirth and transformation.

“Behind it all, we are living in the BEGINNING of the Kali Yuga, many
thousands of years of a relatively dark time. So, it is much easier to
follow the physical, material ways. To live otherwise is bucking the

“Anyway, Pluto and Scorpio link surgery and money controlled society-government.”

An outer planet in its sign tends to exaggerate the related energies - big time. And, for some years before as well as after the passage.

• Uranus coursed through Aquarius most recently from 1996 to 2004. What happened?

1) That ‘great’ Aquarian revolutionary - Osama bin Laden - took down the World Trade Center.

2) Technology and electronics (ruled by Uranus and Aquarius) went crazy.

3) The Dot Com bubble occurred.

4) George W. Bush took the world to war to “liberate” Iraq and Afghanistan. He didn’t do it all by himself, whatever he might think.

• So, the next big transit is of Neptune going through Pisces. Just now beginning.

What do YOU think, imagine, visualize will happen in this coming time - in many ways has started already - until 2025? Try to tune in to the essential natures of Neptuen and Pisces. Tell me - us - what comes up.

For some background.

• Neptune was discovered September 23, 1846 - conjunct with Saturn at 25 degrees of Aquarius. It went into Pisces seven months later in April 1847 until 1862. You may want consult your historical sense and knowledge of that time.

I should add that prior to the discovery of Neptune, Jupiter ruled Pisces and the 12th house.

Pisces Ambigram

Last time, I posed a question wondering what the world will be like in the next fourteen years as Neptune begins to go through Pisces, the sign which it rules. That is the focus of the Ambibian part of this newsletter.

“What the heck is an Ambibian?” you are probably wondering. It is is an alternative - not often used - spelling of Amphibian. I thought it went well with Ambigram and some of the takes on what’s ahead.

I got only one reader response  and that one was about mostly about Pluto. So, I have to try to tackle the question alone.

I take a few hints from what happened the last time Neptune passed through Pisces in 1848 to 1862. The one big thing that stood out was the dawning of the era of Spiritualism. Table-turning, ouija boards, spooks, materializations, phenomena of all kinds almost literally came out of the woodwork. The influences of that period persisted in various ways for decades.

So, I think we will have a 21st century version of Spiritualism. A veritable plethora of psychics and psychism of wide variety should pass before our eyes. Which will have positive and negative effects as well.

I have to imagine that this will be a good time for people who want to “expand consciousness.” One unnamed commentator thinks we will - in consonance with the end of the Mayan calendar - enter into a time of general enlightenment. This I sincerely and sadly doubt. Not really sadly, because enlightenment is like growing up. It takes work and time. Lots of both.

Which reminds me of an old girlfriend who thought God had brought us together. Furthermore when she died, she said, “I will be your angel.”

I said, “How do you figure you will go suddenly from being a human to becoming an angel.”

“Oh, I just know. God will make me your angel.”

The rest of the story: She and I parted ways some weeks after the conversation. I wonder if she still plans to be my angel.

Which leads to another effect of Neptune in Pisces. Practically everybody will be more susceptible to glamor, illusion, deception. Magnifying and exaggerating things to suit our desires. Look to the house in which Neptune lies in your horoscope.

The “spirits will be out in force” so to speak. The liquid spirits - alcohol - and spirited drugs should be even more in demand than in the past. The legalization of drugs, marijuana for sure, will open up further.

All together the Neptunian Lord in Pisces should be about the work of piercing the veil between outer and inner worlds, for good and ill.

And, there you have the Ambibian - like lizards and salamanders who live comfortably on land and in water. The symbolism works quite well.

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