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Astrology and Tarot:

(Astrology 107)

The Star Card

keep a deck of Tarot along with a reading book in the bathroom. I generally read a bit when I sit. Sometimes, I pick a Tarot card. Not for divination purposes, but to study. Rather than memorize what someone else says a card means, I SIT with them and gradually detect their meaning. Their meaning for me, anyway.

So, as I was pondering on what to write on the next Astrology Course installment, The Star card XVII passed into my hand as I sat one morning. “Well, now, fancy that. How nice,” as my friend BBB might say.

Here is how I read the card relevant to Astrology and recent installments.

• This is a Waters of Life sort of image. We may picture it as a symbol of Aquarius. As we move more fully into the Aquarian Age, the human race will recover ancient truths which have been “lost” in dark times. We will recognize our connection to our neighbors and the Cosmos. And, astrology will find new meaning and wider application: “Old wine into new wine skins.”

• The card suggests the luminaries of our Solar System. The Seven Sacred planets and the central Sun which stands behind Them. Those living Beings who sustain us more than we can begin to imagine. (The fact of the Greater Life and Lives in the Solar System bears repeating to support the import of astrology as well as to help us re-cognize our place within the Big Picture.)

“Every heavenly body is the temple of a god, and these gods themselves are the temples of GOD, the Unknown ‘Not Spirit.’ There is nothing profane in the Universe. All Nature is a consecrated place, as Young says: ‘Each of these Stars is a religious house.’” (Secret Doctrine, v. 1, p. 578)

• Aquarius is usually pictured as a male figure. Maybe The Star card hints at how the Feminine principle will become more prominent in the coming millennia.

Well, that was a Big Picture look at The Star card. How about from the human angle?

• The large Star represents the Soul, that persisting part of our being.

• The seven lesser Stars symbolize the seven chakras (centers of consciousness) through which the Soul expresses the seven parts of our nature, maintains and releases memory, and grows us from lifetime to lifetime.

• The Water can stand for the bloodstream through which the higher forces of our Nature eventually color the physical.

Next time, we will begin to consider how symbols lie at the base of horoscope reading - or can - and how central symbols are to self study and finding our way home.

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