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Three Are Ye, Three Are We

(Astrology 102)

I wonder if you were as taken by Tolstoy’s story (last time) of the Three Hermits as I have been. A well told tale with a visual, poignant, lasting message. (If you missed it, The Three Hermits link can be found at top of the website home page.)

On reflection, I have found more layers to the tale of the Three Hermits. The Ageless Wisdom suggests that there are seven levels of meaning to the greatest myths and legends, astrological and numerical being two of the seven. Tolstoy’s has these two, to be sure. Maybe you can find others.

“Three Are Ye, Three Are We.” The Hermits recognized their commonality with the Godhead and remembered that connection each time they prayed their simple but obviously effective prayer.

You and I can also be reminded by the hermits of our own Triple nature. Three Are We just as well. Each of is a Trinity in manifestation. And, we have a host of ways to look at that. You can add your own Three-Pointer to the list.

• Spirit, Soul, Body
• Body, Mind, Spirit
• Energy, Consciousness, Life
• Conscious, Subconscious, Superconscious
• Past, Present, Future

So, we have a Numerical Key to Tolstoy’s story. The Astrological Key is a bit trickier. How can the Hermits have anything to do with astrology? You might ask.

We may have to use another Trinity to make sense of this. That being Father, Mother, Son. Long before the Holy Ghost appeared there was the Great Mother. The Mother persists and dwells within all.

[Note: This is not the only way to look at the Mother symbolically. But, these are anciently held archetypes. You are welcome to your own.]

In a human, the Mother represents the Body, the Father can be considered as Spirit, and the Son stands for their offspring, Consciousness.

In the Bigger Picture, between God and Humanity live the Aeonian Spirits who use the planets as their own bodies. Believe it or not, this is the real and radical and yet most sensible reason to study and value astrology.

Each horoscope gives useful information regarding our own Triune nature.

• Moon points to the Body. This hints of our Past.
• Sun tells about the Persona - Our Present.
• Ascendant (Rising Sign) designates our Soul - Our Future.

All astrologers pay major attention to these major parts of the horoscope. Now when you look at a chart, you can immediately start from a Trinitarian view and, speaking of the native, say: “Three Are Ye, Three Are We.”

Salaam, Shalom, Pax, Peace.

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