These signatures belong to visitors to the site.

All of us have such signatures in our horoscopes.
They are recognizable, descriptive and emblematic of our lives and talents.

Often plain as day. Revealing. Sometimes, quite amazing.

Once discovered, they can help us better navigate the course of our lives.

When we know our signatures, we better know who we are.

And, "When you know who you are, you'll know what to do."

Chart glyphs and degrees and geometry make for a Big Picture in every person's chart and life.


If you would like a quick and easy way to learn a few of your own PICTORIAL SIGNATURES:

Send your birth info - date, time, place - along with responses to questions in the right panel to


Signatures will be returned you in similar format. FREE.

Heavenly Signatures

Top signature done for a fine artist.

Lower signature for healer - therapist.


1) I am ______________________.

2) If I could be granted a conversation with any person living or dead, I would ask to speak to _______________.

3) My favorite earthly creature is ________.

4) My favorite imaginary creature is _________.

5) My favorite story, book, or film character is _________.

6) My personal symbol is ___________.

7) Choose one of these universal symbols:

Circle, Crescent, Triangle, Cross/Square,
Pentagram, Star of David, Seven-Pointed Star

         Geometric Symbols

8) My goal is ___________.

9) My concern is __________.

10) I prefer sunshine, rainbows, moonbeams, starlight. Choose one.

11) If I am reborn on Planet Earth,
I would like to be _____.

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