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Obama Pictoscope

The New American President

Chances are you haven't seen a horoscope like this one. Unless you have read Political Astrology by Michael O'Reilly. This is hardly a typical horoscope. But, a pictorial mandala based on Obama's astrological angles.  The author calls it a Pictoscope because it gives a quick and useful snapshot of the native, Barack Obama, and his astrological nature.

Mr. O’Reilly’s book is largely focused on the United States of America and its chart. The cover of his book (see has a similar design showing images at the four angles of the US chart. Those images make for a very good portrait of the USA via the Scorpio Rising chart. In that case, O'Reilly placed a colorful eagle (Scorpio) at the Ascendant, the MGM lion (Leo) at the Midheaven, the Merrill Lynch bull logo (Taurus) at the Descendant, and Abraham Lincoln (Aquarius) at the Nadir.

The four angles, determined largely by the Ascendant, are of major importance in every horoscope. Putting images with the four signs helps bring a chart to life and its owner into better view.

In Barack Obama's case, his angles are the same as those of the USA. But, they are rotated 90 degrees clockwise.That he has the same angles has real bearing on his past, present and future - personally and politically.

Obama's Pictoscope shows a Chicago Bull (Taurus) at the Nadir. Chicago is his adopted hometown. His political roots are in the Windy City and he cut his teeth as a community organizer and lawyer there. Obama is fundamentally "bullish" on America.

At his Descendant, the Lion King and friends are shown. Obama has a Leo Sun and a number of other Leo and Virgo luminaries placed on either side of his Descendant. President Obama has a royal, fatherly and leonine way of working with friends and foes alike.

The Phoenix rising is placed at his Midheaven. The Phoenix is one of the forms for Scorpio. And, one that President Obama will try to his utmost to forge as a visible or invisible symbol for the country. America may be going through hard times, but it will rise from the ashes renewed and revitalized. Some day. Obama will do his best to make sure that happens on his watch.

Finally, we find Obama's red-white-blue campaign rainbow at his Aquarian Ascendant. His soul urge is an Aquarian one. He works toward freedom, brotherhood, and equality. Obama exudes an Aquarian way of being from the depths of his soul.

Remarkable things can be discovered by spending some time with Pictoscopes made for the USA, Obama and our selves. They can be used as an entree into Pictorial Astrology.

Using a pictorial approach, astrology and chart reading can be done by almost anyone who has a bit of intuition, some interest in the stars and the time to spend charting a new course in the heavens.

To take a deeper look, we will consider the chart of Regiomontaus.
Click on his image below to continue.



Thanks, RM.

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