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This site is presented in the spirit of
royal astrologer of the late Middle Ages.

Royal Astrology

Pictorial Astrology

Neptune rules and influences many aspects of our lives.
To name a few, let's mention oil and petroleum,
pharmaceuticals, drugs and alcohol,
cinema and the stage,
mysticism, higher psychism and spiritual awareness.

In modern astrology, Neptune rules the sign of Pisces and thus the 12th house.

Neptune also quite clearly governs the art of astrology.

Putting things together, Neptune is related to “the stars,”
wherever and however they appear.
Such as, kings and queens, popes and potentates.
In short, royalty.

In present times, royalty has expanded its grasp to include
movie stars, sports celebrities, politicians,
radio commentators and entertainers of all kinds.

Neptune Crowned

As the author composes this website and a related manuscript,
Neptune is slowly approaching his Aquarius Midheaven.
His impressions and intuitions at this time are focused
on different and unique ways
to study, portray and practice astrology.
Stars of many types are on his mind.

The author's intention is to make the ancient and royal art of astrology
more accessible to modern eyes
through emphasizing the IMAGES found in horoscopes.
A seemingly obvious, yet very much overlooked concept,
which he has named Pictorial Astrology.
(Note  the word Pictorial can be practically read as “picto-royal.”)

Our “patron” is the famed astronomer-astrologer of the late Middle Ages,

In the spirit of the bridging reformer, Regiomontanus,
let's look beyond static astrological interpretations,
use the horoscope as a vibrant expressive, interactive tool,
and know ourselves better
by using the symbols and powers of the Great Ones
Who enliven our local universe.

To introduce Pictorial Astrology,
we will work with the chart of President Barack Obama.

Barack Obama

Click on image of President Obama to proceed.

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