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This site is presented in the spirit of
royal astrologer of the late Middle Ages.
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Medical Astrology 2

Pictorial Astrology gives us opportunities to look at ourselves with new eyes.
Life and health, medicine and disease are opened to us from fresh vantage points.

Every horoscope is a picture of potential wholeness, and thus health.
But, every horoscope also presents the challenges and struggles and possibilities of a lifetime.

From birth, strengths and powers along with stresses and weaknesses can be recognized in any horoscope.
They are readily apparent to every astrologer.
Pictorial Astrology can make these aspects of our natures more visible and understandable.
Awareness of our potentials allows for conscious growth and change.
Areas of weakness can be transformed into platforms of development.

A few notes of general medical concern before we address example charts:

• Particular attention ought to be paid to the Moon and its relatives (Nodes and Black Moon).
The Moon speaks of embodiment.
The Sun of the Personality.
The Ascendant of the Soul.

• Chiron (the Wounded Healer) bears extra scrutiny.
Chiron points to specific areas of challenges to health.
• Each planet influences a specific energy center of the body.

• There are "astral" components to every disease, ailment or injury.

• Diseases are not entities to be fought like soldier going to battle the enemy.
Disease result from the effects of energies in action or inaction.

• Astrology is a wonderful tool to help bring illness into the context of time and passages.
As JFK (a friend) has often reminded the author, “Bleeding always stops.”

Let's proceed to work -- pictorially -- with horoscopes which have medical implications.

Pictorial Astrology Applied Medically

Quotes on Symbols, Intuition and Healing