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This site is presented in the spirit of
royal astrologer of the late Middle Ages.
Medical Astrology Graphic

Medical Astrology

Human beings are not machines, but embodied spirits.
The body is material, but the sustaining and regenerating forces of life are psycho-spiritual in nature.
Those forces link us to the planetary and stellar spirits which surround the “throne of the Most High.”

Likewise, Planet Earth is a great embodied Spirit.
We humans who walk upon Gaia’s surface could not have Mind, Heart and Soul
unless this Planet had the same and more.
We grow into those qualities because the Planet receives and circulates them through His Body
 as surely as the warming physical rays of Sunlight.

“Astrology is nothing more nor less than the study of the heavenly bodies
in the terms of the energies which radiate from them ...”
(Manly P. Hall)

Understanding this premise, health and illness as well as life are seen as dependent
on our relationships to superior beings in our solar system and beyond.

“As there are stars in the heavens, so there are stars within man,
for there is nothing in the universe which has not its equivalent in the microcosm (the human body).”

The planets and the stars imprint themselves within us at birth.
Likewise, the continuing harmonious flow of energies from beyond is of huge significance
to the health of individuals, families and nations.

"He who does not understand astrology is not a doctor but a fool." (Hippocrates)

Sadly, the advance of science and technology has dwells on the husk and ignores the life of things.
S/he who works as a physician/counselor is bound to get lost 
in the minutiae of psycho-physical symptoms and tests unless the “secrets” of the horoscope are considered.

We must return our attentions to the inner parts.
Then we will begin to rediscover great truths discarded in recent generations.

Drawing on these simple, imposing, yet empowering ideas,
let us point Pictorial Astrology toward Questions of Health and Disease.