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This site is presented in the spirit of
royal astrologer of the late Middle Ages.

Neptune Crown

Newsletter from Years Back

Each month - generally two or three times - we send out a BRIEF newsletter
with unique information on astrology, SPDX
signs and symbol of the times,

medicine and healing, mind power,
as well as specifics on this changing website,
such as:

• articles and updates
• new pictoscopes and charts
• commentary on SPDX Mandalas and horoscopes
(volunteer to have yours spotlighted)
• comments and notes from correspondents and clients

• new materials and services


Proof That God Exists

The Golden Rule

The Golden Ruler


November 2009: God, Symbols and Healing

January 2010: SPDX Commentaries

March 2010: Rocky Mountain Crop Circles

April 2010: Icelandic Ash Clouds

May 2010: The Breathing Circle

May 2010: Astrology, Pigs and Fate

June 2010: The Great Seal

June 2010: More Fate - Yogananda

June 2010: Netflix, Astrology and Flying Guitars

July 2010: Abraham Lincoln and Charles Lindbergh

July 2010: Nicholas and Helena Roerich

August 2010: Know Thyself

September 2010: Holy Predictable!

October 2010: Signs of the Times: The President Loses His Seal

October 2010: Deliberate Thoughts

November 2010: Destiny and Free Will

December 2010: Rose Wise and Baby Doctor

Deceomber 2010: Santa Claus, Christmas and Christ

December 2010: O Christmas Tree

December 2010: Eclipsing Mother Moon

January 2011: The Meaning of the Word America

February 2011: Ambigrams

April 2011: MInd Power: Pandit Power

April 2011: Connections to the Past

May 2011: East Meets West

May 2011: Osama and Obama - Comrades in Arms

July 2011: Four Symbols for the Fourth

August 2011: Facing the Future

August 2011: A New Currency for An Old Country

August 2011: Books and Tape, Bonanzas and Fate

September 2011: Bookmanship

October 2011: Dogs and Angels

November 2011: The Mother of Timeless Books

January 2012: Alternative Currency, Part 2

January 2012: Scottish Pounds and Common Cents - Alt Currency, Part 3

March 2012: Meryl Ann Butler - The Fabulous Fabric Lady

April 2012: Good People Doing Great Things Across the Atlantic

April 2012: Mr. Sympatico Goes to Cuba

June 2012: A Real Long Walker

June 2012: DC Power Outage



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