Faces on the Trail


I stopped in Roundup on Day 2
to see Wilbur and Elizabeth Wood.
Elizabeth made the BEST sandwich.
Simply scrumptious.

During lunch, we caught up on history, personal and political.

I departed their house leaving without my kerchief.
Wilbur was kind enough to drive out towards Musselshell
nd return it to me.

Here, we practice our photographic skills on each other.

 Leo and I made the unexpected acquaintance of Bud Hjelvik, brother-in-law to Lois Boe.

As our practice was,
we would stop often at creeks and ditches
to get Leo some water.
On this occasion,
the ditch was so like a swimming pool,
I decided to join Leo.

At first I was going to just wet my feet,
but why not a bath?

I had accomplished most of the fairly refreshing task
when Bud, the temporary ditch rider,
appeared to attend to his duties.

As soon as I had dressed and he had finished his chores,
the three of us sat down near the ditch and got acquainted.

I really enjoyed the visit.

As a big bonus,
I have a "volunteer" for future programs
at The Rocky Mountain Garage.


Ves and Heidi Clifton, who live in Roundup,
were my hosts for lunch and libation and conversation
in Sumatra.

What good fortune
since the Clifton family is the only household in town.

Wes told me about the family and their reunion
a few years ago in Sumatra which drew 500 people.

Wes works at Safelite in Billings
and Heidi works for Home Health Care,
raises kids and is keeping close touch with her ailing mother.

Thanks for the hospitality, Cliftons.

 The "wrangler" on the left, Eric Erickson,
was the first person I met on entering Ingomar.

He also seemed to be everywhere
and doing practically everywhere
- a regular Phil Horton.

He assisted me a number of times
and reminded me
that there are kind and helpful people at every turn.

Ingomar, small as it is, is a really great place to visit.
Leo and I stayed 2 days and 3 nights
at the Bunk and Biscuit.

We were regular customers at the Jersey Lilly.

Great beans. Really!


Joyce Willson,
co-owner of the Longhorn Steakhouse in Rosebud,
serves me a juicy Longhorn Burger
with red, white and blue trimmings.

Between ordering and eating,
I scrubbed hands, face and even feet in the rest room.

Thank God for H20.

Back to Joyce.
She has a neat little steakhouse.
Great food and wonderful service.

I highly recommend your visit there some day.

  Not far from Miles City,
Leo and I met Adolf Hoermann
of Bavaria, Germany.

Adolf and I had a day's chat
in less than hour on the side of the Interstate.

Adolf was on the last leg of his cross-continent bike trip.
He started from Nova Scotia 2 years ago,
this year picking up his trail in Grand Forks.

Adolf hoped to reach the Pacific by end of summer.
(I received an email down the road telling me
that he had reached the ocean and completed his journey.)

Adolf works as a bio-dynamic gardener at home.



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