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War Times

Putin – Powers & Puppets

April 2020

“That today’s war has been caused by one man’s wickedness is a fact.”

George Will, Washington Post

We think of Vladimir Putin as President and Potentate. At the same time, we imagine him as some grand Mongol warrior almost beyond full confrontation. Rather than go mano a mano with Putin, the West is now trying to impoverish the Russian nation and to make Putin into a Pariah. Actually, that latter process has been going on in fits and starts for many years as western conclaves have increasingly pushed Russia out of their meetings and summits.

George Will’s and similar observations of Vladimir Putin seem largely true from an outer view. But, appearances are often deceiving. There is always much more than meets the eye in life events, large or small.

So: Believe it or not, Putin is really a Puppet.

You ask, “If he is a Puppet, who is pulling his strings?”

You might wonder if the Puppeteers are the oligarchs. Well, sure, the ultra-rich Russians have influence with Vladimir Putin. But it seems at this stage of the game after many years in power, Putin has greater control over them than the other way around. 

There is a hidden but real fact about the power that Vladimir Putin wields. Actually like many things in life, Putin only appears to wield forces of death and destruction. But, Putin is really himself a Puppet, moved and manipulated by invisible forces.

Putin Pinocchio

Illustration by Bruce MacKinnon -

These forces are now causing mass destruction in Ukraine. Who knows how far it will extend. As we appear to be involved in World War III: even at this early stage, a large swath of the northern hemisphere is invested in this conflict in one way or another. Countries from the southern hemisphere are also becoming involved. The United Nations, representing the whole world, is attempting to confront the problem.

Besides a growing international involvement, we want to point out a whole different perspective of the world and the present situation.

We humans, maybe most especially politicians and militarists, believe we are the greatest and most powerful beings upon planet Earth. From an outer view, that seems a simple truth. From a wider, more inclusive perspective, it is hardly so.

Because the physical, material forces on Earth – which we call the four kingdoms – are only the outer and more obvious beings which live and move on this planet. Here, we seek to point out that there are angels and devas and demons, spirits and elementals, and many others in our midst here there and everywhere. These invisible beings have vast effects on those of us in bodies.

We attract these beings fitting our thoughts and feelings, aspirations and passions into our lives and worlds. But, the real powers in the world are unseen. Just as electricity, which vitalizes so much of modern machinery, cannot be seen; so too the ultimate powers in our midst are quite invisible to but a tiny few humans – who have subtle vision.

While Vladimir Putin has created a whirlpool of thoughts of a renewed Russian Empire, he collaborates with Potent Spirits beyond our imagining – and his. They are the Real Forces and Puppeteers. In fact those Spirits have attracted V. Putin into their circle and trained him slowly, methodically, and effectively. They are now using his office, machinery, and military to do their bidding on the Ukrainian front – and possibly beyond.

Many wonder what Putin’s ultimate aims are. In one sense, they are quite irrelevant. Because the Powers-That-Be which stand above, behind, and beyond him determine his actions. He is a Puppet in their invisible hands – their field of influence. They also determine the flow of force, the destruction as well as the eventual cessation of the present conflict.

This is much as things were in the first World Wars. Kaiser Wilhelm in the first War and Adolf Hitler in the second War were overshadowed by great powers of destruction and death. The “reasons” for the initiation of those wars were shrouded in power politics of the day. But, the ultimate source was far from the view and understanding of any national leaders.

Even Putin’s rise to power in Russia was no doubt controlled from beyond any prying eyes. Thirty years ago, Vladimir Putin was just another low-ranking KGB officer (lieutenant colonel) who was slowly transformed into a tyrant “obsessed with restoring an empire.”

Obsession is the a word here. Putin is obsessed. But even more accurately, he is possessed by those Powers-That-Be, far beyond common awareness.

How do people, potentates or otherwise, become possessed? Putin, like the rest of us, became obsessed with and then possessed by what he focused on.

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart [and soul] be also.” Luke 12

We empower ideas; then they become living parts of our being. Extensions and eventually the very substance of our being. And even the controllers of our lives. Over the past few years, we have seen similar forces play out on the national stage in the USA. The Power of the All Mighty Dollar has swayed American politics more and more to the point that we elected a president who was the very personification of Wanton Wealth. The God of Gold, so to speak, overpowered and controlled him. It still does.

So, we had a leader obsessed with and possessed by invisible, living Monetary Powers. Power and Money often go together, as is easy to see. Now, the world experiences another leader possessed by Destructive Powers. 

Putin unconsciously dwelt on such Powers, attracted them, and now they are working through him – not for his reasons but for their own.

The ancient Greeks (as well as other great peoples) understood these powers, seeing the gods in the forces of Nature. Do remember Nature is not confined to the wild spaces. But, Nature is the visible and invisible Garment of God which underlies all outer material existence.

Similarly, thoughts are things and beings. They are living beings like ourselves, but without visible bodies. When dwelt upon for good or evil purposes, they eventually can take form AND action in the outer worlds. Sometimes to our benefits, sometimes to our detriment.

“As a man thinketh, so is he.” Proverbs 23

What we think on persistently, we become and manifest accordingly. We can personify Money or Power. We can also do the same with Beauty, Grace or Love.

So, Vladimir Putin chose to align himself and thus act as an instrument of great powers and forces of destruction. Thus, he has become a Puppet of the Powers, a Goat of the Gods.

NOTE: We must add that our theses are only partially formed, approximations of reality, limited vision and understandings. Even though these ideas are as old as time, they may well be new to you because we have become almost totally focused on physicality and materialistic science. 

Nevertheless, do remember that our better angels show forth in our favorite adages and in Freudian slips, in our dreams and in our goals. Hopefully, they also express in our subtle connections with the Good, the True and the Beautiful.
There are indeed angels and demons amongst us. Beware and be careful what we dwell on.

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