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Putin – Planets, Powers & Problems

March 2022

A large share of the world looks at Vladimir Putin as an autocrat, dictator, tyrant, and even a murderer. Many of that number even live in Russia. Over the years, Putin has sided with Bashar al-Assad in quashing dissent in Syria and squelched the Chechens when they sought their own freedom. He invaded and annexed Crimea in 2014. 

But, that’s not all. Vladimir Putin hasn’t just tended to “national business” over his years as he changed jobs from president to prime minister and back from 2000 to the present. Putin has also been responsible for poisoning and sometimes killing some of the individual dissenters in the likes of  Alexander Litvinenko - Vladimir Kara-Murza - Viktor Yushchenko - Anna Politkovskaya - Sergey Skripal - Petr Verzilov -Alexey Navalny.

Much of Putin’s actions have been well publicized. Even his predations of individuals and their liberties have managed to reach public view through the press. But likely, we in the West know only a portion of his horrific actions.

Still, Vladimir is a many-sided being. Let’s look at a few of those sides. We will draw on clues from his horoscopes and other sources not commonly referenced by the media.

Putin Natal Scope

Maybe we should begin with the obvious interpretation from his horoscope that Putin was born to be a Plutocrat – a man who gravitates toward Power and Money. His horoscope shows Vladimir Putin to have Pluto ruling his whole chart, as he has Scorpio (1) at his Ascendant – Pluto being the planetary ruler of Scorpio. (Note: Bracketed numbers correspond to the red numbers in each circle of interest above.)

He also has Pluto (2) towering above his chart at the Midheaven, conjunct Lilith (Black Moon). To the writer, that is a good picture for a Muscle Man sporting Prowess to his environment. (There are certainly other ways for people to express themselves when they have Pluto atop their charts and lives. See below.) In Putin’s case, his environment extends to the whole world for much of his life and especially now.

Interestingly, V. Putin is a master martial artist – judo being his forte. Putin was awarded 8th dan in 2012 becoming the first Russian to have been awarded the eighth dan – he joined only a handful of judo fighters in the world who have achieved such status. Furthermore, he has even authored a book Judo among other writings.

So, President Putin portrays his martial strains in a number of ways. Along with Scorpio at his Ascendant ruled by Pluto – and thus his whole chart, he views the world through a Venusian (3) mind also overshadowed by Scorpio close to his Ascendant. Beyond that, Putin has Mars (ancient ruler and now considered co-ruler of Scorpio) in Sagittarius (the archer) posited in the 2nd house of personal energy – resources. Specifically, he is energized by his own Martial forces. His Martian energies may point toward great heights, but along the way they produce much destruction.

At the same time, Putin has a Stellium (5) of three/four planets in Libra including his Sun in the 12th house. It is a power house, so to speak. One way to look at that house – last in the horoscope – is as a closet, den, cave, darkened corner. Mr. Putin can collect and magnify his ideas and powers in that 12th house, whence to unleash them on the world around him.

We see Putin’s Pluto as the obvious key to understanding him – as much as one can understand another human being. Pluto is about power and money in our modern world. But to this viewer, Pluto is also the sign of the Unconscious. Wherever it is placed in a chart, there it will boldly shown the Unconscious at work. In Putin’s chart with Pluto being at the Midheaven, his Unconscious acts in the public eye – in this case the stage of the whole world. He seems to crave the public attention he is now getting, far beyond the confines of the Russian Federation.

It is quite possible for the power of Pluto to work unconsciously for the betterment of oneself and for that of the whole. But, it seems to an increasing degree over the years, V. Putin has become more selfish, aggressive, and exploitative.

Like many of us, Putin has been listening to himself for decades. He believes what he says, and believes he is right. It seems with gathering years, that human beings rarely mellow, but rather magnify their inherent traits as shown in their horoscopes.

Approaching age 70, Vladimir grows increasingly into becoming the Plutonic potentate shown in many ways in his chart and most dramatically at the Midheaven with his Pluto in Leo, sign of royalty. 

As a break in the action:

Let’s consider that Robin Williams had his own Pluto quite like Putin’s at the Midheaven also in Leo. It is conjunct Mercury (communication), while Putin’s is conjunct the Black Moon. 

Williams Horoscope

We all have challenges in life. Some have greater ones than others. For people like Putin and Williams, those challenges happen to occur quite visibly because of their looming presence on the world stage. Both have been focal points for the eyes of millions through the agency of the outer planets – Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Those luminaries have their major effects on the collective consciousness, and through their human focal points.

Again, we all have challenges. It appears to this viewer that Putin – who in many ways is a highly evolved being – is being confronted not just with challenges of a national president and martial artist, but with keen personal tasks. One of these is to integrate, blend, and balance his three “souls.” Those being, in Jungian terms, his conscious, unconscious, and superconscious. At this point, it seems that his Unconscious is winning that war.
Putin Transit

Saturn (Satan) and other luminaries, the true Grim Reaper, is testing Vladimir Putin as it conjoins the Nadir of his chart. Saturn is a Game Changer, as well. As transiting Saturn now hovers over the cellar of Putin’s horoscope, he must continue his potent destructive ways or learn to turn those powerful forces toward his own goodness and that of the whole.

Real Learning isn’t easy, especially in late years, as we have decades of patterns built in and around us which keep us “in train,” so to speak. It seems more than likely that Putin’s aggressive, destructive and duplicitous ways will fall aside only under tremendous pressure. If at all, in this lifetime.

At this moment, we are coming to the conclusion that much external pressure is being applied to V. Putin through the hands of an entirely unlikely adversary. His name is Volodymyr Zelenskyy.
Comparison Chart

By comparing their charts, we find points of contact and conflict of which V. Putin is surely not aware, but is now being forced to learn. The most significant which we note is that V. Zelenskyy’s Pluto overshadows Putin’s Sun and nearby planets in Libra in the 12th house.  POWER is speaking through Zelenskyy in the one called Putin.

Even more readily noted is Zelenskyy’s Saturn sitting at the top of Putin’s horoscope testing and quite possibly controlling the Russian dictator. Time will tell.

However dire Zelenskyy’s and Ukraine’s situation may appear, it seems from an astrological view that they will eventually be victorious. While Putin seems to have all manner of forces capable of overwhelming Ukraine, Mr. Zelenskyy appear  the gifts of Communication, Good Will, and Higher Powers working through him and his horoscope for the betterment of his People.

We should add a few warnings: First, we admit our personal bias cannot be hidden in this essay. We often see what we want to see and ignore that which we don’t. Second, it is important to note that horoscopes are subjective, can be viewed from many angles, and their effects can come in many guises – often not the simplest and most apparent.

In any case, it appears the invasion of Russia, the confrontations in Ukraine, and their far-reaching effects will likely be prolonged.

Next time, we will take a look at our fellow being V. Putin via some other Angles/Angels.

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